The Dawn of Anarchism: Be a Champion of Liberty, Cast Away Fear and Doubt

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Don't be afraid to be who you are; don't be afraid to express controversial ideas. Utter anarchist truths; champion liberty at all cost. Don't let the system, its engineers, or the slaves scare you into passivity and compliance. Stand firm before a thicket of political thorns; and do not rest until the paradigm is toppled and the day is won.

Be true to yourself no matter what. Make sure to shout with veracity from the rooftops. The future depends on it. Many people will attempt to browbeat you into discarding your principles. They may even try to alter the primary datum of your existence. They will attempt to suck the lifeblood from you like a spiritual vampire, leaving you crumpled in a heap of husk and bone. Don't fall prey to those who seek to cannibalize your values and subject you to the allure of consensus culture.

The Dawn of Anarchism

Leverage your courage to make sure people know about liberty and dignity; and ensure the light of your passion shines with pinpoint precision. The more people that speak up, the easier it is for the fearful and docile people to speak up in unison. When voices ring together, the tides of change wash over humanity...and toxic culture is abandoned for individuality and freedom. Then everyone abandons government and replaces it with morality and civilization.

Thanks to the internet, we are no longer islands of ideological fervor. We are continents of change. We are change agents gathered together to undermine the system and create autonomy for the individual.

To bow down to the system is to sacrifice the dignity of individuality. It's also to admit a frailty of character and a willingness to obey. To embrace Statism is to forfeit your humanness and genuflect before vile authoritarian monsters. Don't let weakness overcome you. Use all the tools in your arsenal to fight back against the approaching dark --- for the dawn of anarchism is breaking on the horizon. Let's embrace it and show people the strength of dissidence.

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Thanks for your pep talk. I am somewhat passive but try to promote peace and freedom in words and deeds.

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This is well written. ...and appreciated by a guy that finds himself at odds at most dinner tables when speaking about individualism and freedom. I was an early adopter to steam and then forgot about it, but now I am returning to make my second blog post! I shall continue posting in this medium as i learn how it all works! Thank you!

I totally agree with this statement; although would add that due to the mainstream pollution of certain words there is an element of choosing the words to expresses you're ideas if key. We need to be careful we don't loose the importance of our message due to using a polluted word which might in turn cause the potential switch off from your intended audience 💯🐒