Democracy is Disgusting and Nonsensical

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Let's talk about why democracy is disgusting and nonsensical.

I was scrolling through the comments on a video published on Denver7 regarding initiative 301, or the decriminalization of psychedelic mushrooms (will link in comments shortly).

There are a ton of comments from voters, and a large chunk of those comments are negative and sophomoric. There is a mix of ignorance, stupidity, and obedient boot licking.

Most of the people who are upset about decriminalization think mushrooms are drugs of addiction or will ruin people's lives. Other comments are worse. Some people are saying they "want to move to a better state." They seem to imply they would rather live in a MORE AUTHORITARIAN environment. Then, of course, there are the unthinking drones who believe all "illegal" things are also immoral.

These comments paint a perfect picture why democracy exhibits signs of being a puerile social system. The people who are voting are mostly ignorant and afraid. They want to be told what to do and how to live. In this sense, these types of people are largely the driving force behind many acts of violence initiated by government in society.

With that said, the situation works out perfectly for the politicians that possess positions of power within government. It means they KNOW the voting cattle will mostly vote against their own freedom and vie for everyone's slavery. It's Stockholm syndrome writ large.

I am aghast every time I scroll through comments that effectively showcase the mindset of voters. There are people who on paper get a say in the relative freedom of other people, and they are clueless about the nature of reality and society. If we are to resolve this problem we need to abolish governments and make voting governance models voluntary, built on an opt-in mechanism.

We are all getting lucky with drug decriminalization simply because it's part of a larger cultural shift, but in order to optimize society toward greater freedom and better decision making, democracy must be abolished and we must establish better ways of handling decision-making in society. Leaning on the drooling masses to grapple with difficult topics like the healing potential of psychedelic mushrooms is akin to committing cultural Seppuku.

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