Why is there always enough money for War, but not enough to feed the hungry?

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One of this lunched missiles could feed this kids somewhere in the World for a Whole year

Anarchism is not just the absence of absolute freedom, nor just a state of disorder; it is also a state where irrelevant things are prioritized more than the very important aspect of human lives. Rejection of hierarchy when peace is forsaken and disorder ruled supreme.

Weapons of war and devices of mass destruction are placed high above the rights of human to live, for this reasons; Billions of dollars is spent on war and preparations of war while millions of people across the world could barely afford weekly meals not to mention daily feeding.

A K2 Black Panther South Korea Armour Tank costs $8. 8 Million USD

Also Great Britain Challenger (Armour Tank) costs $8.6 Million USD

Germany's Leopard 2A6 Armour Tank costs $6.79 Million USD and

Isreali Tied-7 Merkava costing $6 Million USD

Imagine what this funds could do to the lives of a famished Citizens somewhere in Africa or Asia. A Soldier gears and uniform costing $1,523 USD (Chinese Army), or another Outfit and gears of war costing $17,500 USD (US ground Troops); either of this prices is enough to sustain some families for months on a well nourished diet and pay for their medical bills.

Below is a chart showing how much some of this Weapons of war costs and how it could have impacted some lives around the world if the Funds are used to help developing nations.



Taking some countries as a case study, in contrast to the above Graphic illustration of how much this weapon of war costs; Burundi, East Africa Tops the List of Most Hungry Nation from a 2013 survey:


Credits: Global Hunger Index

A country with a GDP of $7.892 Billion USD, and with population of about 11.18 Million (World Bank Stats 2015). With a little mathematical skill; one Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft carrier (13.5 Billion USD) could ease this country and topple it off that Top spot on the list of hungered Nation of the World if the if such amount could be pumped into the Economy of Country. Do you know how many Children and family that will be fed and nourished back to Good Life?

Since when does the Devices of War becomes more valuable than human lives? If the world is at peace, no Country needs spends so much on preparations for war, maybe Billions of Hungry Souls could be fed even if it is but one meal per day!

Image source: 1 Facebook- 2

Chart Source




Central Banking has Killed more People than anything else........

Yep. We just visited Kansas City last week. I think it is fitting and proper that the National World War I Museum in KC has as its neighbor the Fed.

Lol, those are internal Wars i suppose?

Do you have proves? Be kind to share it......

All wars are bankers wars

Not just bankers, you know what i mean......Let us just keep it subtle mate!

no, not "banksters". governments and central banks. dont keep your thoughts subtle, you either stand behind the things u think, or don't.

what do you think, mr neocrusader? tha joows did it?

whether the joows did it or not, the Banks and Central banks are not the once buying F-22 Raptor Bomber Jets nor the Cruise Missile, let get our priorities right for the context of this topic!

They are. Here's how it's done: Bob's Weapon Sales invents a new missile, the Hootenanator. Bob borrowed money from who? A Central Bank, to whom he owes money. Bob wants to pay that money back, and turn a profit, so he says "Hey, USA, buy lots of my missile, the Hootenanator. It'll kill your enemies real good!"

So, the USA wants to buy lots of Hootenanators. All US dollars are BORROWED from the Federal Reserve Bank (a completely privately owned bank, not a governmental agency), which has the exclusive right to print them, and lend them out.

This is how dollars are created.

So, the USA borrows a stack of freshly inked bills from the Federal Reserve Bank and buys a grip of Hootenanators. They are very happy with their purchase, and the American citizen is now in more debt. The Federal Reserve Bank is very happy, because now their biggest customer owes them more money, and they will collect, because their customer doesn't pay itself, it makes the citizens of the USA pay, and they don't have anything to say about it. All they can do is pay, or go to IRS court, and then have everything they own taken away while they go to Federal Buttrape Prison for life. So they will pay.

Bob pays off his loan to the Central Bank, and makes a profit. They're happy, and he's happy.. Oh, not quite, you see Bob wants more profit. What can Bob do to get more money?

Well, he can borrow more money from the Central Bank and make more missiles to sell, but only if the USA will buy them. But they have lots of missiles already. What to do?

Aha! Bob realizes that if he can get the USA to use those missiles up, then they will buy new ones. So, he goes to the USA and says "hey, here's a bribe. Go start a war and use those missiles up, so I can sell you new ones."

Every time the USA buys missiles from Bobs Weapon Sales, the banks make money. The USA doesn't make money. However, the government employees do, because they are the people that Bob bribed.

That's how bank make money off F-22 Raptor Bomber Jets, and Cruise Missiles.

Read "War is a Racket" by US General Smedley V. Butler. It's a short book, almost a pamphlet, but he names names and cites exact figures of war materiel purchased, and the markups over ordinary pricing countries pay during war.

War profiteering is why there is war. People can work things out, until paid agitators cause trouble. If you want to know how they make trouble, read "In Search of Enemies" by John Stockwell, former CIA Chief of Station, Angola.

Don't be naive. Be prepared.

Edit: This is why there is plenty of money for weapons and very little for starving children in Burundi. It's easy for Banksters to make money from Bob selling weapons. It's hard to make money from feeding starving babies. Usually those that make money off that are warlords in Burundi, and everyone that knows about it hates those warlords. The banksters don't want to be hated, so they don't steal from starving babies. It's pretty simple really. It's not a lack of food or money, it's too MUCH money.

very good account, you should make a post about this!

its of course the central banks. without central banks, no corrupt money for that amount of blown up warfare. look it up. i bet you could just google "central banks" and "war". war is the health of the state and the state controls money with central banks. ez. warmongers wouldn't have a fraction of that money used, if it wasn't printed by the monopoly of fiat currency, which is owned by central banks. thats why the world wars also happened and made possible after creation of central banks.

That is a really deep conspiracy theory mate!

That was amazing! Thank you very much for posting it, and taking me to school.

Followed, so that I can learn more from you.

You guys are brave to share all these. I am a coward ran away Jonah in the belly of the whale ^^

Doge friends agree with you ^^

That's totally true my friend, its so sad we still don't realiza about that.

I find it disguising how there is a nuclear bomb worth that much yet people still starve to death.

Now you get the whole context of the story, how can we spend so much on something that expensive that is meant to destroy human lives that are already starving to death?

Just asked myself a Q: what can i do-. And the answer was...everything! Because we are one race we should be one nation all together for the greater good. Post that really made me think! Thank you @oluwoleolaide

'War is the Health of the state.' -Randolph Bourne

At the expense of poor hungry souls.

Because small men profit from war, no one profits from feeding the hungry

The profit of feeding the hungry is not an Earthly one......

Just look at all the GoFundme accounts set up pay some idiots speeding ticket or to pay for someones next vacation or something equally ridiculous...
You should start a STEEMFUND for this exact cause.. We can donate SBD to the Account and choose a different organization or group to help each month or quarterly.

Great post and thank you for opening some eyes and hearts!!

Well said mate, but with recent fund me here fund me there; for now lets not do that on Steemit cos this requires Steemit Inc. Go ahead before project of this magnitude could kickstart.

I can do it with your support but let us get a worthier cause, then we launch it.

Thats a great idea... tend to say " you must have @thinksalot about it" ;-)

Lol. Have a great weekend!!

War is a racket...some people have gotten very wealthy...

yes very true, while some rotten away.....

Great book! "War is a Racket". Have you read it?

its rather sad to know but it is the truth and a hard one of course .Most of this things are happening because of individual self interest. As you said the cost of one of these gadgets can make a different else where .by the way thanks for sharing

Thanks my dear friend!

It is just sad to see. All of this manness in the world because a few want to play God!
One day they will all get whats coming to them and they will stand in Judgment.

Judgement day yeah?...i love that

I don't know when...but one day!

Thanks for the upvote

If only d world power houses could set her piorities right...

"When the power of love becomes stronger than the love of power, there will be peace." - Jimi Hendrix

The truth is that humans just have empathy with those they feel share something in common with them, like language, culture, values, religion, etc. The others we see more as enemies.

I must highly disagree. Humans, by their nature, feel compassion towards others, even animals. Most people I have met are extremely sensitive towards global issues. The problem is that the system we live in deliberately desensitises us from these problems and forces us to be apathetic by occupying us will work, bills, taxes, debts. education, advertising, media, entertainment and anything else under the sun which can distract us. The people who fall victim to these mindless cycles, without somehow defending their mind against the forced apathy, end up violent, emotionless with lack of empathy for other human beings.

Empathy is our normal state. Apathy is enforced and conditioned.

In the context of the post, you are in full support i can see that. But Empathy is a dead cell in most of Humans, You and i Excluded though...

great analysis, Though humans by nature, are beings of conquest, throughout history, w have never had ''enough'' always going through one war cycle or the other, great battles to prove ego, superiority over others.

Peace comes as a result of war, war a result of prolonged peace.

In this context, we are particular about feeding the hungry, most this Hungry nations are neither at war or at peace!

Actually, I think most people don't really want to conquer anything. While they may have ambitions, such as 'conquering' Mt. Everest, which they see as a challenge to their limitations, most people aren't mad about possessing riches, lands or peoples. Every time a nation has been led in conquest, it has been led by a leader who had the vision of conquest and convinced everyone that the others are lesser. For a few examples I'll list Hitler, African American slavery, Colonialism and Imperialism.

Those who support empires are actually driven by their desire to be part of a greater whole. So if supporting a conquering empire is the only option, so be it. The Empire is great! However, there are other alternatives to being part of a greater whole - culture, society, humanity.

Humans strive to be part of something bigger and better than themselves. We like the thought, since we feel uplifted. Conquest is the perversion of that desire and it is driven by certain people's sense of pride, and the desire to gain personal power. The second is often mixed up with the first, but it is not the natural state of the human mind.

Wow!.....I think you just answer one of the ultimate questions of Humanity with this, Empathy another terrible plague on Mankind!

Apathy, not caring, is the plague. Empathy is what makes us want to help starving babies.

Another useful point by the way.....thanks

This is not true. It is forced on us by propaganda.

Here's a lesson in propaganda: use your favorite search engine and search images for "Muslim world peace". Count how many images you find on the first page of violence and terrorism. Count how many images showing Muslims being or promoting peace. All the former are propaganda. We are taught to hate those different than us, because that is how war profiteering can make money off our hate.

How can they make money off peace?

It's painful to admit what humans are doing to humans. Priorities are all messed up.... Power is more important being human! Not just the spending on war, but also, thoughtless spending on events like marriages, birthday parties and so on, where the guests are offered lavish meals and treats, is also something we must reconsider. Even a small percentage of spending on celebration can feed the poor at least 1 meal. I am not against celebration by any means, by I challenge spending on those who have more than they need and spending on things that's nothing more than a power game!

Very true, but the amount spent on a wedding or a birthday is nothing compared to one F-22 Raptor Jet Bomber ($150 Million) and you know how many a Jet Carrier at Sea......

What is pow pow ?🤔

Good story you that you share
we have different idea with them.
Please follow me @patricksanlin and upvote. Thanks

This is one of the most sad, and cold topics to talk about. It makes you feel so small and so useless. Theres a huge business around this, war is made to last not to win. The need for power and money some people (already millionaire and powerful) is really mesmerizing and sad in the same way. I really like this posts even if it makes us realize the world we are living in. But anyway is good to always put this in front of our eyes to see whats truly happening now. thanks for sharing dear steemian.

Thanks my friend, that feeling of not having enough power to help burns me out from the inside!

totally, thats the exact feeling inside.

Hate to admit, but humanity is vanishing! We need leaders who can inspire the right kind of change and stop being puppets of the system (banking and politics). Great post. Upvoted you and resteemed!

Humanity still exists cos of you and i and some resilient people around us, we do not give up until our voice is heard somewhere up there.


a well written post, if only we all could truly learn from all this and make the world a better place. say no to war, it cost more and alot of lives are lost in the process too

if we can really tell ourselves the truth, war is for our Ego and has nothing to do will the wellbeing of the masses. come to think of it, which war has not ended in dialog...? if they can evetually talk peace. what is stoping them from actually doing that first rather, they fight first and talk peace later. isn't it just silly ?

Very silly and that ego makes a lot of Children and families go hungry for months without ends.....

welcome to the world brother...

3 word answer

Because money isn't capable of feeding the hungry...teaching them how to grow crops, harvest seeds, and preserve the food they grow, will feed them for generations after money is nothing more than a footnote in history books.

I've never understood why people look at this wrong...money was never meant as an edible...nor was it meant to cure hunger...it is a means of conducting transactions...the fact that 99% of the people on this planet have been fooled into using it for food...doesn't mean it is the answer to solving hunger...I can do more to cure hunger with a handful of seeds in my pocket than I can with a million dollars in the bank....

The million dollars will eventually run out...and what little food it can buy...won't last very long at all...but if I grow food with my handful of seeds...and harvest the seeds from those plants, while preserving the food from the first plants...I can grow a garden and teach my kids how to keep it cultivated...and it has the ability to feed mouths for hundreds of years after I'm gone...you don't need money to cure hunger...you need food growing education...

So can you farm a Chemically wasted land? Can you crop on a disease ridden region? Money can not be eaten but can go a long rectifying some of this wrongs e.g Detoxify polluted lands, cure the sick, provide clothing and food for them......They know how to do all the things you mentioned, something way beyond them came and messed things up for them!

Yes...as a matter of fact you can farm chemically polluted land...certain plants pull toxins and heavy metals from the soil...and there are several natural materials you can use to neutralize the soil...as far as money curing the sick...that's the single dumbest thing I've read in my entire life...there is no profit in a cure for anything...which is why pharmaceutical companies come up with treatments...if they cured you, you'd stop coming to see them...but if they treat you, they can drain your bank account until you die...and finally, if they knew how to do the things I mentioned, there wouldn't be a hunger problem...not to mention, we wouldn't have to spend money clothing and feeding them...the fact of the matter is...they do NOT know how to do any of the things I mentioned...they've NEVER been taught...in fact, they've been trained to rely on failed infrastructures and government handouts...but far be it from me to try and educate those who are incapable of conducting a modicum of research...

I can see how myopic your thinking is.......If you an Avid Researcher then you would know about some of this countries and their Agricultural Skills, If you fail to get the context of this post, then you can Navigate away with your mediocre perception of Developing Nations!

"Wars are for two reasons. One of them is power, the other is money."
The thing is - people that untie wars alredy have enormous power. Such people possess so-called large-mindedness and they think they see big picture, and that big picture are a faithful method not to notice other people.

They have enormous power to fund war, but never have compassion for the hopeless....too bad!

Hmmmm, good question! It shows where the government's priorities are!

Priorities to rule the World!

Nice article! I think too often it is related to each other. In conflict zones massive amount of budget often goes to weapons instead of feeding the own population and social welfare. On top of it the war budgets create tragedies with even more hunger, misery and death. In that sense it is a negative spiral.

War should therefore always be the last resort if there is no other way out. And unfortunately the UN does not always show the muscles to prevent these tragedies from happening unless there are economic benefits like oil or trade concessions.

UN are just like decoys, they are sometimes helpless in the midst of some conflicts...

UN forces are proven to be involved in sex trafficking children. Dyncorp taught them well.

Tupac said this in the early '90

they got money for way but can't feed the poor.

and its still that way

great post

Thanks mate, Tupac was the enemy of the state for his down to Earth Raps!


To play devil's advocate...

Killing people via the non-stop wars keeps a lot of people in the US employed with really good jobs in defense contracts, transportation, even the military itself.

Most of the countries with people starving are those countries where their worst enemy is a corrupt government - Africa is rife with corruption and in some countries, no good reason why that country couldn't be prosperous if they'd all stop fighting among each other and pursue creating value instead of destroying it.

That is another good response to the General question, i am an African and i couldn't agree the less with you!

Sorta like the Democrats, HRC and Bernie. They're corruption is just more profitable.

is sad know this stadistics

Very sad my dear friend

The system they have created gives us no power where our voice actually counts, its a wank system and feeds the wealthy....they want us to stay as indivduals so we can't change the way they do things ie WAR, using there own civillians to fight needless battles in horrific circumstances as cannon folder to gain more finacial game sickens me. This system will not last for ever. Never fear, the end is near, freedom will be here

have upvoted and now following

rod @livethedream0208

I followed back mate, love your invigorating words of hope!

thanks mate, things are changing people are realising whats happening, when they come together no goverment will be able to stop.....live in hope not fear my friend

It is really sad :-(. I wish we love more and hate less...

I wish so too my dear friend!

The way I see it all that extravagant war spending brought about major developments and inventions. Plus it's not a requirement that you must feed hungry nations even if you have excess. It's what you do out of goodness of your heart or just for appearances. They all protecting their sovereignity one way or another. Will be too bad if you show up for a future war with an AK47 to fight highly intelligent drones with laser canons.

I couldn't agree with you more. Human greed is the most destructive force on this planet!

It unfortunately is not just the wars, but the governments as well. As long as the high ranking gets more money they do not really care about the people they promised change to.
Just in general society it is happening every day. I see it with my own eyes, yet the people who suffer the most, is too blind to see who they are supporting. EMPTY PROMISES OF CHANGE.
However, it all comes down to .... who control the most? Why anybody would want that kind of power amazes me. If you already have soooo much, why want more?

That is called Human!....Always wanting more until it kills him/her!

the business of war!!!

The reason for Hunger!

yeah! i agree with you

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