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As a Anarchist/ Voluntaryist, I regard things like "licences" to be uncivilized.

It is one group of people saying to everyone else, you can do this only with my permission or I'll use violence on you by caging you or killing you. Even if it logically represents danger to no one. Even if it may be beneficial.

We call that group government. But it's really a gang. A gang of very unaware, ignorant, naive people and suffering/ harmful people. That resort to violence or the threat of violence to coerce people into doing what they say. It's a reflection of the lowest state of consciousness. It rules by fear, shame, apathy, etc... It is also a reflection of that own persons character... poorly unfortunately (which for years seems to have gone by unnoticed by an entranced mass of the people). Violence is an act of desperation. A sign about that person doing violence or threatening violence of a lack of thinking, creativity, respect for others and one's self. A sure example of internal trauma, outrage, suffering, misunderstanding, confusion within that person.

Thus at the minimum for telling good people from bad, I suggest people use the gauge of identifying those individuals who initiate violence against non-violent people. And then once identified, agree to stop listening to those people... for the good of everyone!

And one super simple example is licences.

Once people are aware, they have the ability to choose to be aware enough to see who the bad people really are, they can unlock their own cage and everyone else who sees it that they influence. If they just get past "official" "approved" "authority" and see the violence initiators clearly. The game changes.

We improve.

The environment gets better.

We begin to fear each other less, because if we've agreed to a community without violence on non-violent initiators, we can find how much more we can help each other. Find value in each other and in things that don't even require "money." The quality of life improves from within with a choice but is extended to those around you. It's Beautiful! Simple!

That's what Anarchpulco 24/7/365 is about, what Ethical Emergence is about, and what project: Local Dynamo is about. Please join me! I could really use your help and the value I'm sure you can bring

Project Local Dynamo.jpg

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