The True Nature of Money

in anarchy •  last year

You are more powerful than you know. Your mind is the arbiter and creator of value. Your mind literally makes money.

The state is afraid of individuals discovering this power, because their whole violent paradigm is dependent on guns, ponzi scams, and religious belief in a myth. Namely, that those pieces of paper you use to buy and sell things have intrinsic value.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Money, economics, and property are often viewed as obsessions of the “materialistic.” To the contrary, these are metaphysical, objective realities which are the “obsessions” of humans in love with freedom!



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DTube and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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Very good points, it's are all our subjective value. I try to bring the idea of bitcoin and blockchain, to everyone who is interested. When enough people know about are curious, and invested in it things will get real interesting real fast. If we have a currency that is not used for the wars, prisons, strip mining of resource stealing violent model of the past etc. We can really change the world real quick. Anarchy, personal responsibility, and people truly understanding their own power, that is what we need. Nobody wants war and oppression they just believe the bull shit that is served to them.


We need decentralisation as much as we need centralisation. I am happy there are roads, schools, lights in the streets. Your Liberty To Swing Your Fist Ends Just Where My Nose Begins.In other words My liberty ends where your begin.


Hmm what do you mean by centralisation? I'm happy there are roads and lights. Schools? It depends what school we are talking about here. People built those roads, schools, and lights. A belief in a system that is unjustified and not real doesn't make those roads get built. People who want something will make it happen. Giving someone else more authority over almost all aspects of your life will only stifle progress. The people who built the roads make having roads possible. They don't need permits, "laws", and taxes to work. I don't think anyone truly trusts a politician to keep their word and deliver on their promises. Or trust them not take bribes to certain special interest groups. When you say we need centralisation in order to protect certain things understand that this very centralisation or control you give to a government is more corrupt then any privatisation could be. This false belief that governments actually provide the control they claim to bring to any industry or anything needs to be brought to light. They are a big gang, they don't provide protection they are the very thing we need to be protected against. People can still learn and work together and have leaders in certain aspects and projects of their lives without giving them authority they themselves don't have.
My liberty is non-violent unless violence is brought to me. Anarchy is not as chaotic as the current system we have. It's self governance, personal responsibility and cooperation. It's nobody taking a cut of your money unless you believe they provide a valuable service to you. It's actual freedom. Centralisation has been tried for a long time it has some major flaws and it's time for something new.


''It's actual freedom. Centralisation has been tried for a long time it has some major flaws and it's time for something new''

This sentence is false mate. Something new ? It is pretty easy now you have a roof, electricity, or simply WATER. Do you think if government did not exist you would have born with it ?

''This false belief that governments actually provide the control they claim to bring to any industry or anything needs to be brought to light.'' Where do you live mate ? Because I live in France and my world/reality is different from yours.

I am happy my government taught me to read, to write, to think. To not see things only black or white or in your case TOTALY BLACK. I am happy they took care of my family members every time one of them is seek. And I'll will be happy tomorrow if my wife or my children has a cancer or whatever can happened. If anybody has a health trouble in France, hospital will heal him thanks to centralisation.

Why do you think your parents are still alive whereas a few centuries ago they would have die at 50 and you would have been happy with that.

Don't ask yourself if I am right or wrong, ask yourself if you couldn't do something better than criticising the government whereas even if all of them have huge problems, being negative things everywhere is called paranoia mate...

Yes government is the biggest dealer, killer, banker and whatever you want. At the end if we are able to breath with our of some part of our families it is thanks to our government. If you don't understand, go live a few weeks in Colombia, Thailand or North Korea and you will understand your luck. You can change the world thanks to your computer and smartphone. Yes it did kill people so try to change the world before being a new one that's it !

Friendly, thank you for your reply mate !

PS : Without government you would get killed with your family after people start starving. It would be the same everywhere ! Without fear, people are fucking psycho, look at history and what power makes to people. Imagine if they just have to hit because supermarkets are empty, there were no government to protect the salaries, the money and especially the food because money won't have anymore value, we will go back to trade gold, that could be nice ! But not for me X) Thus I love my mom and I am sure you love yours...

Nice points. I write a lot about money over on my steemit blog if you get a moment to offer your thoughts I would appreciate it. Looking forward to the next one.

Eye opening, in your face common sense!
You have a delightful way of making simple the very 'complexities' that most people are either too content or too apathetic to grapple with.


You're welcome. Keep em coming!

I get really excited listening to you Graham! Keep it up bro! :D


Cheers brotha!

Nail on the head! The concept of money is a useful tool for when direct barter doesn't work. Unfortunately it's now being used as tool for control.
Btw, you forgot to add the promised links. I'd love to look at them.
Also, I've never been to Japan, but it's interesting to see as you walk along that it's more similar to parts of UK than I would have imagined.


Ah! So I did! I’ll get those links up soon.

Funny you should mention similarities between the UK and Japan. There are also a lot of cultural similarities, to my thinking. I think the fact that both are smaller island nations plays into this.

Having conversations with various people about my "ideal" number for me to be financial free which is $200,000. They are shocked that I would leave my job once I get to that point. I said it is possible to leave a job at $200,000. I can get a dividend yield of more than 10%. I will just buy a small piece of property put a fence around it, put a small garage on it (to live in) and call it a day. I rather chill like that for the rest of my life. Now getting to the $200,000 will be the most difficult part but once there I will be free to do what I want to do, in life. Like creating content about investing and living simple.


This is what frustrates me about the system. We don't need much to take care of ourselves, but when government steps in and demands it's cuts it firstly makes it hard for us too reach that point where we can support ourselves and secondly, if we get a section of land that can support us they demand taxes for that, which mean we need to find a way of getting their currency in order to pay that tax. Then there are restrictions on how we can get that money as per the rules of the area.


Yep. It all depends on how you want to live. I think I could make my happen on 200 Gs as well. Good luck, and ignore the haters!

Its amazing how folk spend their entire lives chasing around pieces of paper that has no value only that we humans give it. Granted we all need it right now but its THE number one religion in the World. The fact that we have to PAY to exist just to be here surely has to be THE biggest joke we have been stupid enough to fall for! You have to see the funny side in many ways otherwise you will just get depressed. Keep on keeping on brother!

Great video Graham! I love economics and talking about everyone's concept of what money is. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

"Money" is also a learned concept. Think of the child who valued their bottle cap collection. They value other people's trash. They would rather have a new example for their collection, than cash.

My wife is depressed, literally, if the bills are 100% paid but there is no extra money left to shop for things that we don't even need. IT must be spent! Otherwise, why have it?

She feels like things are horrible because she can't go through the act of looking for things we might need? The admission price to enjoy the ritual of consumerism with her friends and share it later.

I am the optomist. I am happy that there is food, shelter, health, and that the bills are paid. I don't shop for New Things to need.


Hahah. I like that kind of optimism.

Hi friend, Good morning. Very informative article about the importance and working of a piece of paper which we call money. Yes it has store of value in it,so every one accept it, even a small children too. Thanks for the great share about the value of cryptocurrncy market for which we are working hard to make it more influential.

Mind blowing video! It got me wondering where you got it from.... What a great post from you... Tell me your secret?

Nice Video, what motivated you to do this streams?
best regards from germany, good content on your blog

A much healthier - pragmatic way to look at it - would be property is real, money is a transfer mechanism of property.

....and economics are the dreams of the control freaks that attempt to control the future and love to talk about it a lot.


Respectfully, could you substantiate these claims with an argument or with evidence?


I'm not clear about your request, tbh... lol

On the first part...It is a better way to look at it - A perspective cannot be substantiated by evidence.
It is my opinion.

If you see products or services as 'property', then to transfer that wealth to another - to use money - i.e the mechanism of transfer..

Property ownership moves from one entity to another, with the exchange.

Just a perspective, like I say, but a much better way to look at it....(it takes away the emphasis of money as the thing, and focuses value more on products and services)

the second part...

....and economics are the dreams of the control freaks that attempt to control the future and love to talk about it a lot.

An economists job's is an attempt to predict the future, ergo it's conceptual. It's not real.

Capitalism is real, and requires no economic model - it looks after itself .
Economists are are not required.
(as opposed to socialism/communism )

I hope that helps somewhat...?


The claim that one’s perspective is “better” is just a claim. The claim can certainly be substantiated by a well-reasoned argument.

Now that you’ve explained your claim, I get it. I definitely view money as such a mechanism. I don’t think I said anything to the contrary of that in the video, but I certainly appreciate the perspective.

Economics is a pretty well-established science, and I’d say the Austrian school does a hell of a lot more than “predicting the future.”

Economics is just the study of the realities of scarcity, supply and demand, etc.

Economy is a very real part of life. In fact, economics is everywhere and in everything.

Do we have enough hot dogs for everyone at the cook out?

Will there be enough water for the garden if a dry spell comes?

These are economic concepts. This is what I was getting at in the video.


of course, everything is- economics, like you say.
( I was viewing it more on the macro/engineering of societies level)

Economics is a pretty well-established science,

I totally disagree.

I can tell you that next year on April 1st, if I drop an apple from my hand, what the exact velocity of the apple will be, when it hits the ground...

Now if you could tell me on any given date next year, when an economic event will happen, with the result known before the event - I'll concede the argument..! lol


Of course as economics deals with unpredictable realities (I don’t know where you are getting the notion that economics is all about predictions, though), it is not the same as natural science. The praxeological realities it deals with are very concrete, however.

You understand that things like psychology, sociology, etc, are sciences as well, right?

Why do you imagine the study of economics to be a mere prediction of future events?