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Fake Experience, Fake Reality (Part Three)

in anarchy •  last year

Well, talk about this article totally not registering in that brainwashed slave's head! lol

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This is why Im' learning about chakras, alignment, mind, body, spirit and have been practicing the Law of Attraction since I was sixteen.
I believe, meditation, chakra alignment and the power of attraction all share a connection that is the real truth.
@jeffberwick love you crypto and spiritual channel!!!

Sorry to write an OT message: I rewrote "imagine" by John "illuminati" Lennon and in all humbleness I think I did an excellent job, please consider upvote it:

Also I think the whole truth movement would benefit if you woke up fully to that the earth is flat, I made a small collection of 4 videos to wake up anybody to the flat earth under the tag: #notaglobe (simply click this tag and the 4 videos will be at the end of the list, together with a few videos where I talk)...

Even we disagree on some topics, I of course notice your big audience and ability to get a message out there. I hope you soon wake up to #notaglobe and that you will upvote the song I made.