At What Point Is Taxation Not Slavery? ⛓steemCreated with Sketch.

in anarchy •  2 years ago 

We were told that the slaves were freed after being forced to work while getting 100% of their earnings stolen.

Nowadays over half of our income is stolen... at what percentage is taxation not slavery?

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The day they get 0.0 %. Its a shame it cost money to be alive today, you are literally taxed for being alive. This is only the beginning, wait for the 5G/IOT to be fully operating, it will make Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave new world" look tame. You will be charged from your first breath as an infant to your last. Its a complete joke that most people cant see it. Not to mention the surveillance part

It's just going to get worse here in the "civilized" world lol.

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