Jeff Berwick Exposes US Government As Terrorist Organization on PressTV

in anarchy •  last year

I recently had the opportunity to speak on Iran’s PressTV channel. It was great being able to speak a bit of truth about the state of the world and evil transgressions perpetrated by the US government on a relatively well-known network.

The first thing I was asked about was what kind of repercussions the US sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea will have? I responded by bringing up the great anarchist, Frederick Bastiat’s, quote “When goods don’t cross borders, Soldiers will.”

In other words, the point is that when free trade is obstructed artificially by the government, it often leads to armed conflict.

However, I point out that it’s important to remember all of those sanctions are being imposed on purpose as a conflict is precisely what the United States wants to provoke because they recognize the profit potential for themselves and their comrades which come to them as a result of weapons sales. It’s the same old military industrial complex story. War always has been and will continue to be, a racket.

I highly encourage you to watch this interview as it’s packed with great pieces of truth!

You can check it out HERE

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I’ll get into a lot more of these details in our next issue of The Dollar Vigilante newsletter (subscribe here) coming out in the next week.

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They need a new war as the Syrian war is ending


wonder how long till they end up in venezuela?


It is very likely i think, because the country is in chaos and it has oil. Rather than attacking North Korea who has Nuclear weapon

The huge support for sanctions by westerners is another sign how brainwashed they are and how they live in a tunnel vision. When a bomb get dropped on a city and citizen are dying everyone is complaining about killing citizen.

Nobody in the west seems to realize that these sanctions are also killing citizen indirect in the form of starvation and poverty (many people loose their job without any backup and are not able to feed their children anymore). Because most of the western countries have a social security infrastructure, westerners are thinking under consciously: Oh good for them, now they cannot go holliday anymore, buy new television ect. MONEY IN THESE COUNTRIES IS NOT FREE AND A LUXURY PRODUCT, PEOPLE WILL DIE IF YOU TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM, BUT IN A MORE HORRIBLE WAY THAN WHEN YOU BOMB THEM!

How long would guys like Jeff Berwick survive in Iran? 2 weeks?


From my mind to your fingers. I was thinking less. However, in this case, he serves their propaganda purposes.


How long would Jeff stay alive in a country like the US, before the CIA suicided him? He lives in Mexico now.


3 hours

I love this Jeff.Way to go? That was a great holiday weekend!

“When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will.”
This quote is probably misattributed to Frédéric Bastiat.
You‘ll find more about that quote in the following article:


Nice quote. If political decisions were made by wise people, we would have less troubles.

Jeff, we dont know how much longer we can wait for your rap video to premiere! your dog walk videos are the best thing lately btw!…



The guy has steel balls - give him that!

Will Coinbase just keep the Bitcoin Cash for themselves?, if so that is shocking.


If they really do insist on doing that, I think they're asking for a lawsuit.


You would think so, but do crypto currency holders have legal recourse in such matters?


this is exactly why i took all my funds out of coinbase, they are not to be trusted i wrote an article about it here


Could you give me a few reliable places to move mine to. I Just have a little at bittrex and coinbase but I don't want to lose it. Thanks in advance. I'm a total noob. Nevermind I see in your article. Thanks


Kraken will support BCC and will credit your account the BCC after the split if it happens


There are local wallet like the free copay wallet you can find on your phone's app store. As long as you use local wallet which generate and hold the private key you are save. I sold bitcoin yesterday and went to steem and will go back when fork is over to avoid dealing this this mess and I don't know if you actually gain when it splits. Like a stock split no new value is created. May be the new coin will have better acceptance and gain value but I don't know for sure and isn't putting any money on it.


Could cost them a lot of business then, as you say why trust them again after that. They stand to lose more than they will gain from such a decision.


Yeah I think its messed up that Coinbase wont issue its users for the split! As a Coinbase user myself I think its up to us user if that does take place. There will definitely be a lawsuit.


Coinbase should credit the customers accounts if they are not supporting Bitcoin Cash, bizarre decision.

It's the deep state doing these things. Not the American people.


agreed, trumps a distraction

Strong title but that's the sour truth...

The real terrorists are not those who are wearing masks and running with weapon but these who are hiding behind the scenes and wearing the suits...


The ones $$FUNDING$$ the whole operation!

You have a very interesting approach Jeff, imo you and Andreas Antonopolous are the two faces of cryptocurrency.

You sometimes seem like you are headed in an Alex Jones direction but I love the content, thanks Jeff


Thanks for the EOS tip, hopefully will be really thanking you in the future!

Solid interview Jeff!

However it wasn't Truman who warned the public of the Military Industrial Complex rather it was Eisenhower. I'm sure you just had a brain fart haha

Keep up the good work!


I also noted that on his youtube page


You said it. So I won´t. Great interview, great concepts, a slip of tongue that just reinforces the humanity of this great fighter for liberty.

Sanctions: what are they good for, absolutely nothing!
Wow that 1st person looks like famous latvian composer called "Raimonds Pauls", but after closer look it's not him...

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Oh no...

I've met about a half dozen Iranians over the past few years and they ALL tell me the same story: that Iran is in large part a very wealthy modern non-religious state! That is to say, these folks are telling me that religion is about as important to Iranians as it is to say, Canadians, which is to say not very much.
The thing is though, if we turn on the Wests​ LSM we are told that Iran is a dangerous​ Islamic Theocracy! WTF?

That was a short but straight to the point interview! I am curious to see what happens to the price of Bitcoin over the next few days. I wonder if alts are getting sold so people can purchase BTC for the BCH? And then they opt to hop back into the alts after they receive and then dump the BCH

The American people definitely don't want war and really don't fathom the war machine. A lot of people voted for Trump specifically because Hillary seemed bent on provoking conflict with Russia leading up to the election, among other reasons. Sales of prepping supplies skyrocketed during that time and so many people breathed a sigh of relief at the election outcome for that reason alone. But, for one reason or another, the conflict never ceases. Either way, in the U.S. all the nooses are tightening domestically and as for what happens abroad, it's a dizzying insanity that I personally have no idea what to do about other than to take a spiritual approach, as I believe that is what undergirds it all anyway.

I am glad for the part that outspoken journalists and investigators of the alternative media play, you among them.

wow,me too ,I like money

Thank you as Always @dollarvigilante! So is there a way around US buyers to get EOS???

Well, every single government is a terrorist organization (even the anti-terrorist ones).

nice interview

The fork is actually at "2017-08-01 12:20 p.m. UTC" which is 8:20 am US Eastern time. This gives everyone an extra 12 hours to ensure your BTC are in a place where you'll receive your BCH (Bitcoin Cash).

They play with us as they like.

Speak the truth, friend! Gone with the US, only bringing problems to the world aiming for money and profit while spreading disease and hatred.

"TRAITOR!" Oh, wait, you're Canadian. "CANADIAN, EH!"

The US is the world's leader in state-sponsored terrorism, but of course, accuses Iran of sponsoring terrorism. This is the US government's time-tested diversionary tactic of accusing your enemy of the same thing you are doing. As the late great George Carlin would say, "happens to work."

This has about as much utility as going on North Korean TV to denounce South Korea, or going on China state TV to denounce Japan.

Every country that has a sizeable army has dirty laundry. Every single one.

I know Jeff might not see much of that in his gated community where villas rent for $800 USD/day, but its everywhere if you look for it.

I like Jeff, but sometimes I think he goes a bit overboard on the self-promotion. This is really what it looks like to me, an opportunity to expand his brand.

I think he should stick to the crypto videos personally, and maybe the walk-and-talk ones.

I'm hearing the fork will be 12:20 PM from kraken which is 8:20 am est. Which is it?!

It was Eisenhower that gave the "military industrial complex" speech.

Great video

Jeff always has something fantastic to say!Always woke and truly the reason I awakened completely!

nice work mate!! keep exposing those corrupt vermin

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