Steemit and self regulation.

in anarchy •  7 months ago

Lately I have noticed several posts where the individual posting was ridiculed and even down-voted for things like the use of excessive bots. It seems there are several schools of thought on bots. If there are no rules against it, it makes it difficult doesn't it. Who is to say what's right? On one thread I remember, there was much discussion and debate on a post, long story short, this guy was steered by members toward more responsible use of bots by the use of "negative financial reenforcement." It was a great example of self regulation within the steemit community. There are no rules shoved in our face, but other users have the power to persuade.
Steemit is unique in the fact that it's not burdened by regulation. Barring any rude interruption by big brother, we will have the opportunity to show society and the powers that be who is really in charge and capable of self regulation. We have some dedicated people making this all work, I am confident that we are capable of solving problems from within and policing our own without outside interference.
It's easy to overlook the genius that went into the design of steem and steemit, but after closer inspection, the mechanisms are amazing to put it mildly.

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Co-incidentally, I came across this post this morning by @thedarkhorse.
"Just because you can doesn't mean you should."
Basically, it is saying to exercise restraint. Newbies might make mistakes but after a while one should get an idea of what he or she can do and what he or she can't do. Just because there are no rules saying you can't do something doesn't mean you should do it. Some things are frown upon, and it is basic human decency and human courtesy not to do them.
Unfortunately, there will always be people who try to exploit the system. So, it is great that people in the know on here can step in and caution the culprits.
Hopefully, all can play fair, play their part so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience here on Steemit.


That's a good post, "just because we can doesn't mean we should. " I might resteem that.
Their should be some official guidelines somewhere though it seems.

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