Shooting in Acapulco

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So I know a lot of my friends are going to Anarchapulco, but I haven't heard much being reported about the deadly shooting of anarchist John Galton last night.

I was curious to know if anyone knew of a potential motive or why he would be shot in the head, while his friend and partner were left alive. There are so few details out there, that it's difficult to know exactly what happened, but a lot of it, as it stands right now, seems rather fishy.

I know nothing about the man, other than having heard his name in passing conversation. I don't know what his relationships were like, but I know that it seems odd that one of the first things his partner and friend did after him being shot was to take to Facebook.


My partner is dead, my friend is badly injured, let's make sure we get this on video on Facebook.

Very, very strange.

Does anyone have anymore insight into this? Is this going to affect Anarchapulco at all? Is this just a tragic isolated event, or is someone coming after anarchists? Or is this a publicity stunt to scare people away from going?

The media is pretty terrible at good coverage, so I figured this was the best place to glean additional information.

Hope you are doing well, stay safe out there!

xx - Beth

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"My partner is dead, my friend is badly injured, let's make sure we get this on video on Facebook."

When you are in need, you look to your community for help. I don't find that strange at all. She literally said "I need help!"



Facebook just seems a strange place to get immediate help. In an emergency, I think FB is one of the last places I would go to for help.

Family is really the first people you would contact for help. Outside of that yes, friends, but like, direct contact via a phone or something. It just doesn't add up.


It's really impossible to relate to what was going on in her mind. I can't speculate, but she needed help and reached out. I can understand that, even if I may speculate as an armchair QB that it could have been done better.

Hell, guys say the dumbest things just talking to pretty girls. It's easy to relate to not being entirely functional after living through such a traumatic event.

I'm not willing to second guess her actions in her circumstances. I wouldn't expect anyone but a sociopath to not be emotionally wrecked and sperg out somehow.


I recently had a scare with my 3 year old daughter, and we believed she had been kidnapped. Granted, this was not the same as finding her dead, but I can't even explain the grief and intense amount of insanity that was going through my head. My first response was to call the police, which an anarchist I guess wouldn't do...especially in Mexico...but then if that weren't an option, my parents, family or friends...but I would call them.

I guess what has me so hung up is why she chose to use Facebook since that isn't necessarily an immediate response. If you have someone hurt and bleeding you aren't going to likely turn to a platform where you may or may not get immediate help.

As I said, I doubt we are getting all the info, and it would be nice to. She very well may have made some calls and then posted, but what I read made it sound like Facebook was the very first thing she did, which just baffles me.

Different strokes for different folks I suppose though.

it seems odd that one of the first things his partner and friend did after him being shot was to take to Facebook.

Hate to say it, but this is a subtly trained response by the state (to reach out to authority rather than loved ones). This is not a response typical of an anarchist.


Likely her social circle revolved on fedbook.
Calling the cops is a bad idea, moreso in mexico.
Maybe we will get an update.


It's not typical of an anarch

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It's not typical of an anarchist to go to their friends? And how is that reaching out to authority rather than loved ones? It's very odd to reach out to your loved ones first when your house is on fire. Much like you would reach out to firefighters you would reach out the police if they could help. Calling posting on Facebook reaching out to authority is absurd, as if Facebook is authority, or as if who she was reaching out to on Facebook was the authorities, only as absurd as suggesting that there is a typical response of an anarchist.

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Also waiting for some information..

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I am very sad for Lily. I was stunned when I read the not very informative article in the Wash Post yesterday. I hope she is ok.