Court Update 5-30-18

in anarchy •  10 months ago

Here is the latest update on my never ending court case. Apologies for the lighting. The house is almost empty now in preparation for the closing tomorrow, so my recording studio is currently in pieces. Just working with what I had today because of a time crunch.

The end result of today was, just like every other appearance, to be given another date to return without much progress. The DA didn't even bother to show up but the judge, of course, gave her yet another pass. Had I not shown up today, though, it would be a much different matter. Gotta love that favoritism...

The short story is that today was supposed to result in the judge's decision on my lawyer's motion to suppress erroneously documented evidence. The judge, however, despite having a month and a half since the motion was filed, decided to wait until today to notify my lawyer that she now wants his motion in writing. We also found out that due to the absurd length of this case (13 months and counting and still no trial date set), the next appearance will be in front of another judge altogether. So much for any hope of continuity.

So now I'm forced to wait yet again. The next appearance isn't until July 9th, so Murder Dog and I will be living out of the car for almost a month and a half before that happens. At least this ensures that my family and I will be able to the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest at the end of June (Yay!). Still no clue how long it will be until we can finally leave here for good, though. Just more hurry up and wait.

So I will be back with another update in July. Until then, you can catch me on my soon to be (soon as in tomorrow) daily vlog series chronicling my attempts to do some quasi van nomadism until my court case is finally resolved. Stay tuned!

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Thankfully I've only had one court case in my life. It was a doozy though, a divorce, that took a little over two years and lots of money to the lawyer of course. Feel your pain brother. Everything the government does is disgustingly inefficient and corrupt, as we both know.