Abolitionist Abstractions Vlog 7: Packing and prepping as the time draws near

in anarchy •  8 months ago

Here is the latest vlog in my series chronicling my escape from New Yorkistan and my transition into the quasi van nomadism lifestyle. Things are moving along, although not without seemingly constant hiccups (it wouldn't be my story without 'em). Closing day on the house is rapidly approaching. The storage unit has been delivered and the packing has commenced. As long as the weather holds out, the house should be almost empty come the end of this long weekend. Then the real fun begins!

Once the house is virtually empty, and the storage unit is almost full, it will be time to start setting up the ole Element. Most of the supplies have arrived and are ready to be arranged and tested. As mentioned previously, I also intend on doing video reviews of most, if not all, of the supplies I have purchased for this adventure. If nothing else these will help me keep busy, but hopefully others will benefit from the information.

I do just want to give a shout out to hooverdog1957 on YouTube (whose handle I completely spaced on during the recording) for reaching out to me after my last vlog. This guy has been living out of a Nissan Xterra for 4+ years and is totally loving this lifestyle. Hopefully we'll get to cross paths IRL in the near future!

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Finally decided to look you up on Steemit. Sorry it took so long. I've done some stealth camping and never had any problems. I don't usually try to camp in cities though. The amount of gear I'm packing prevents me from stealth camping right now. My home base is Austin, Texas, where I keep a 5' X 7' storage unit for what's left of my possessions, besides what I have with me in my Xterra. While visiting my friend in Kentucky I stayed one night in an airbnb. I'm paying the guy that has the airbnb $20 to store three boxes of my stuff in his garage for one month, so i could make room for my friend and her dog, while we are in northern Indiana near Lake Michigan for a few days. I could actually do without those three boxes, but don't want to pay for storage either until I go back to Austin in the fall, when the temperatures are tolerable again. It's way to hot in Texas until October to camp. I'm finding summer camping can be a challenge out east as well during the summer months. If anyone has some suggestions of places out east where the temperatures are tolerable please let me know.


Hey, no worries! I figured you would check in eventually.

Well, I just had my first successful night of stealth camping. Didn't get much sleep but that was due to an overcrowded car (still carrying some extra equipment that I hope to store with a friend by the end of the day) and not the location. I'm dealing with the suburbs for now, until I can get off the Island for good, so it's not as bad as trying to hide in a city. You just need to know where the cops don't usually patrol.

I expect the heat to start becoming an issue in the coming weeks. Still cool at night here, though, so I hope to keep tightening down my setup before I have to deal with the temperature increase.

It's funny that you're up the IN/MI way. I'll be heading in that direction in about 3 weeks, for the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest. Not sure if I'll have the Element with mr, though, as the whole family is going and we could all fit in my wife's minivan. Going to depend on whether or not I have to head to SD before or after to obtain residency. May have to rush that because my NY registration expires end of the month and I'd prefer not to renew here.

Daily vids should start coming soon. Recorded one last night and was going to setup to do one in a little while. Hopefully I'll have some interesting things to share.

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