Eco village photo drop

in anarchist •  last year

The beautiful place we call home.

burgase air2.jpeg

We being, myself @cardoprimo , @anarched and Dnizz, who's account should be up soon.

3 extranational eco-anarcho-geek amigos

We'll share our adventures here,
Mainstreet gatesmall.jpeg




Pumpkin terrace.jpeg

Gardenns from Church.jpeg



Snow view.jpg




newspaper 15th augsmall.jpg

and pain

Guardia Civil Plaza.jpeg

Collapsed terrace.jpeg


Tribes based on trust and mutual gain.

Pato mudo.jpeg


We all love the connection made possible with steem and steemit, the blockchain tech, and the incredible algorithms and people behind it. We'll take the chance to reduce our use of coercive money and start trading some of our creations soon.

So many Inspirational and amazing projects and people around here, that it is a pleasure to be here and able to show our appreciation to them.

Let's break this world over to another path, free from coercion, perfumed food and plastic rain.

Alive and awake,
To lifes special take,
On the energetic
Dancing of fate.

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Woah guys welcome to steemit!! those old stone buildings are super cool! Is this like an old castle or fort or something? wowza!

i've upvoted this post 100% and resteemed your blog. Hope you find a lot of love here. I found you through the #homesteading tag - it's a great active tag for stuff like what you're up to. Following you now! as for us, we live off grid on 18 acres... and we met an an ecovillage in canada... more community coming this summer to our homestead.


It's just an ancient village that was abandoned about 60 years ago. Oldest house dates back to 1640 though the foundations are probably Celtic era

Been on here a little as cardoprimo, so I have seen the community around #homesteading and #homesteadersonline that's kinda why I tagged it. Not really a word I normally use, what does it mean to you?

I am sure I could never go back on grid again!
Great to meet you and I'll check out your posts too.


Just an ancient village! Man that’s epic in my book LOL! We just don’t have things like that in the states.

Yeah homesteading to me is living on the land, with the land, taking care of our needs/self sufficiency. It’s a super active tag here as you found out. I think to many it’s a way to share earth-related skills, community empowerment, experimentation and exploration of a more sustainable future...

Happy to have all your associated accounts on board :) <3


Haha eh yeah guess I forget most American historical places aren't half as old as what we have here. Just lying around and almost going to waste in this case.. until we step in and put another layer on top.
We are relatively close to Carcassonne, which is an incredible medieval fort still in great condition.

Homesteading it is then! The original American dream, no?! Free, healthy and whole.

Omg!!! How amazing are you all!!! Ohhhhhh my heart is beaming for you! Those stone buildings!! The energy alone must be amazing!!!
Love your duck! So majestic!!

Beautiful place that you live in. You have it all!


I wish! We have sacrificed a lot that others couldn't live without.
This year, hot running water in the house!


Oh we don’t have that yet either! Feral humans :)


Thats a worthy running water is a key sign of civilizatin ;-)


It's been almost 5 years without hot running water... you will live in the lap of luxury!!

Very beautiful community you have; welcome to Steemit! This seems to be a really good place for those who want freedom in their lives.

Bright Blessings!

Amazing implementation of an ideal. Would love to visit. Where’s this place?


Spanish side central Pyrenees. Always open to visitors! Where about are you?


What a diverse place Spain. I’m in the US, but am considering moving abroad. Freedom still exists in pockets here, but the encroachment of the police state is relentless. Mexico is looking pretty good. I will follow your blog here and if (when) I make it to your beautiful part of this world I would very much like to visit. Peace, love, and anarchy!

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This is absolutely stunning... Those building are breath taking! Nice work and welcome to Steemit. Followed and look forward to your future posts. Thank you for sharing @mountainjewel!

Love the photos, will follow your adventures! A funny thing is I was born in a town called Burgas on the Black Sea coast!


haha I have also had a thing with burgs in my life. Lived longer periods in Edinburgh, on the Isselberg and now Burgase.
see you around, saludos

Wow! Beautiful! I look forward to learning more about your homestead!

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