Everyone Should Hug an Anarchist (Anarchism is a Form of Emotional Exchange)

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you had me at fuck the system

"Soft anarchists have a sense of other people’s inner worlds. They grasp emotional content. They attempt to empathize and relate through compassion. This is how they spread anarchism. They wish to “feel” their way into a free society, rather than beat people over the head with dry, syllogistic wordplay."

Anarchism is not just a political philosophy. It is a medium of exchange. It is a form of emotional currency. If a person accepts anarchism, they are saying they want to cultivate harmonious and authentic social relationships.

In other words, they have shunned force and fraud and nurtured intimate and personal attachments. They have rejected the social edict that implores people to control and coerce friends, family, and significant others.

Anarchism is the ultimate medium of emotional exchange, because it surpasses political philosophies. It moves into a realm of pure love.

If a person identifies as an anarchist they are accepting an anti-political stance, which means they are ready to live as a true human being, devoid of the inclination to harm, manipulate, and control.

This is the next step in human moral, psychological, and logical development. If a person encounters an anarchist, they should hug them—and thank them for moving this world forward.

Anarchists are miles ahead of their time and culture. They will teach people what it means to truly care about humanity. They are the non-charlatan shamans, the neo-lovers. Modern day Jesus, without dogma and damnation.

In the following video I discuss some of the core principles of relational or therapeutic anarchism:

Love and Anarchy

My name is Sterlin. Follow me @ Psychologic-Anarchist. I also run the Psychologic-Anarchist Facebook page and produce many YouTube videos. My interests lie in the intersection of counseling psychology and anarchism. I write about the depredations of psychiatry, and also the new philosophy of compassionate anarchism. We have a large community devoted to discussing psychology and relational voluntaryism.



I love seeing your content here, @sterlin! Can't get enough about relationalism. Keep it coming!

You have a great day, too.
I haven't heard of 'Relational Anarchism' before.
Your description here sounds a lot like 'Christianity' to me.
Isn't 'Relationism' pretty much what Jesus practiced ?

So many great things begin by first looking at other people as equals, as customers, and people to cooperate with in order to build better things.

True that, Bob. I also appreciate you getting on Steemit to support the community.

Worth the up vote!

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