Jeff Berwick / Dollar Vigilante - Passport Scammer?

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I have followed Jeff Berwick for years and have long wanted to shine a light on his reprehensible business practices. Steemit has provided the perfect platform for me to expose Berwick’s statements and actions. I must thank Berwick for introducing me to Steemit.

As a believer in anarcho-capitalism I do not expect governments to resolve issues of fraud even when made aware of them. I am sure Berwick agrees. His actions must be scrutinized by free market / private economic actors.

Passports are cash-cows for offshore service providers because of their high price tag. Naturally, TDV offers passports to their customers. The fastest passport programs such as St. Kitts and Nevis take a minimum of about three months. There are relatively few countries that have citizenship by investment programs. Nevertheless, Berwick and TDV claim to provide passports to their clients from several countries around the world on extremely short time tables.

The pitch offered by Berwick and TDV is that they passports they offer are completely legitimate. As I will demonstrate, this claim is false. Berwick admits to finding government employees that backdate documents to acquire passports faster than the law allows.

The topic of grey market passports makes for an interesting philosophical debate but that is not the issue here. Americans that purchase a passport acquired through illegitimate means such as backdating documents are breaking the law. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to bribe or give or offer “anything of value” to officials of foreign nations in return for “improper advantage.” Individuals face a civil penalty up to $10,000, criminal fines up to $250,000 and imprisonment up to 5 years. The Alternative Fines Act allows to be increased up to twice the gross financial gain or loss resulting from the corrupt payment. Criminal fines imposed on an individual cannot be paid directly or indirectly an intermediary that interacted between the U.S. citizen and foreign official. Berwick does not make this known to his clients. By selling passports as legitimate but obtaining them through unofficial means he places his clients in risk of jail time. Shouldn't his clients know they are taking this risk?

Additionally, there is no guarantee that the passports pushed through by Berwick’s contacts will be renewed when the time comes. This may leave Berwick’s clients stranded in their travels, particularly those that renounce their U.S. citizenship. Again, Berwick's clients are unaware of this possibility.

Berwick and TDV need to be exposed so that unsuspecting people do not unwittingly risk jail time or pay for passports that are never delivered.

Berwick published an article regarding passports and his participation in the industry on October 15, 2015. Archive.

Berwick states:

“It has become so difficult that I officially got out of the business of trying to help people get second citizenships years ago and turned over the business to a good friend who was willing to put up with the never-ending headaches.

However, I still try to offer information on countries where it is still possible to fairly easily and cheaply attain residency and citizenship.”

Berwick’s own actions and statements prove this statement to be false. Berwick has left an industry or venture before and posted an “official withdrawal” on TDV. In 2013, Berwick posted an “official withdrawal” from a Bitcoin ATM business. Archive.

No “official withdrawal” from the passport industry can be found on TDV’s website.

Berwick does not offer a specific date when he left the industry, but claimed it was “years” prior to writing that article. Since this statement was offered October 15, 2015, Berwick must have exited the industry by October 15, 2013 for his claim to be true. TDV’s websites and Berwick’s statements from October 15, 2013 onward must be analyzed to determine the truthfulness of his claimed exit from the passport industry.

From mid 2013 until early 2015, Berwick is listed as CEO of TDV Passports.

June 23, 2013 – TDV lists Berwick as the CEO of TDV Passports (prior to the earliest possible date of Berwick “officially leaving” the passport industry). Chris Martin is listed as Residency and Citizenship Planning Specialist. Michael Bach is listed as the Operations Manager. Ken Johnson is listed as the Managing Director. Johnson’s position at TDV Passports is worrisome as I will show in a future post regarding Galt’s Gulch Chile.

July 27, 2013 – Berwick is listed as the CEO and Martin has the new title of Managing Partner – Asia. Johnson is still listed as Managing Director and Bach is still listed as the Operations Manager.

December 7, 2013 – Berwick is still listed as CEO of TDV Passports and Martin is Managing Partner – Asia. Johnson is still listed as the Managing Director. Bach is still the Operations Manager.

June 25, 2014 – Berwick is still listed as CEO of TDV Passports and Martin is Managing Partner – Asia. However, Johnson and Bach are no longer listed as employees. This would leave open the positions of Managing Director and Operations Manager. Martin did not gain that title and no one ever would.

February 22, 2015 – Berwick is still listed as CEO of TDV Passports and Martin is listed as Managing Partner – Asia.

August 1, 2015 – Berwick is listed as CEO of TDV Passports. Martin is listed as Managing Partner – Asia.

August 16, 2015 – redirects to The about page of TDV immigration notes that TDV Global is founded by Berwick.. However, Berwick is finally not listed as the CEO of TDV’s passport operation.

To repeat, for Berwick’s statement regarding him “officially” leaving the passport business to be true, he must have left before October 15, 2013. Why would TDV’s website list him as CEO as late as August 1, 2015? Wouldn’t that cause potential customers to believe that he is still in the passport business? How are can someone be CEO of a passport business while having “officially” left that industry?

TDV has always listed Berwick as the CEO of TDV Media and Services.

TDV Passports states it is a subsidiary of TDV Media and Services LLC.

How can Berwick claim to have “officially” left the passport industry when he is listed as CEO of the parent company (TDV Media and Services) and CEO of its subsidiary (TDV Passports)?

Keeping in mind the October 15, 2013 date as the earliest possible from the passport industry, Berwick’s statements must also be analyzed.

October 19, 2013 - Berwick posted,“I'll be here (Cambodia) for 3 days then back to HK for more TDV and passport business.” Archive.

Isn’t this an admission of personal participation in the passport industry?

TDV Passports also had a video detailing Berwick’s personal involvement. The interviewer introduces Berwick as the CEO of TDV Passports. Berwick provides a date for the filming of the interview by stating that American citizens:

“will be taxed on money no matter where they make it in the world unless the announced their citizenship which Tina Turner just did last month.”

Tina Turner renounced her citizenship on October 24, 2013. Archive.

This indicates the interview was filmed in late November of 2013 and thus after earliest possible date Berwick could have “officially” left the business for his claim to be true.

Berwick continues to make statements regarding his personal participation in the passport industry in 2014.

Berwick published an interview he did with the Crypto Show podcast to TDV’s website on November 3, 2014. Archive. The interview was available on TDV’s YouTube channel on November 1, 2014.

Berwick states:

“Well I actually still keep my Canadian citizenship but I am very close to lighting it on fire, I just got a tax thing they say I owe them $9,000 which is total BS... so if they push that with me a little too much I am going to light it on fire because I also have another passport from another country... and that’s one of the other things that I do. We have one of the top second citizenship companies in the world called TDV Passports. So I’ve got another citizenship in the Caribbean.”

If Berwick “officially” left the business sometime in 2013, why did he verbally state he was a participant in the operation when interviewed in late 2014?

Berwick wrote 17 articles linking to TDV Passports (when he was listed as CEO of TDV Passports) in 2014.

January 8, 2014. Archive.

January 14, 2014. Archive.

January 15, 2014. Archive.

January 17, 2014. Archive.

February 19, 2014. Archive.

February 26, 2014. Archive.

April 4, 2014. Archive.

April 22, 2014. Archive.

April 23, 2014. Archive.

May 7, 2014. Archive.

May 13, 2014. Archive.

May 14, 2014. Archive.

May 28, 2014. Archive.

June 4, 2014. Archive.

June 5, 2014. Archive.

September 1, 2014. Archive.

September 2, 2014 Archive.

October 14, 2014. Archive.

If Berwick “officially” left the business sometime in 2013, why was he writing about passports so frequently in 2014 and linking to TDV Passports where he was listed as CEO?

Berwick’s statements regarding active participation in the passport industry continue in 2015.

Berwick posted Anarchast episode number 193 with John McAfee on the TDV website on February 2, 2015. Archive. The interview was published on TDV’s YouTube channel on February 1, 2015.
During the interview Berwick states:

“If he (Edward Snowden) would have asked me I would have told him to get a second passport before all this. And that’s something we do at – I do TDV Passports – we help people get passports…”

Months later, Berwick posted Anarchast episode 236 with Suzzanne Tarkowski on September 11, 2015. Archive.

During the interview Berwick states:

Yeah I actually have first hand experience with people from Syria, Libya – actually people with a fair amount of money luckily for them – even they cant, a lot of them cant go back to Syria right now and they only have a Syrian passport. And these are people with like a lot of money and so I have been trying to help them in trying to get a second passport. And I’ve been under attack by a bunch of losers lately saying I’m doing it the wrong way but I’m trying to save a lot of these people in my own way – that way – I’ve got a bunch of just horrible people trying to cause problems and make it so they cant to that.... I’m an anarchist working over here trying to help some of these people in Libya and Syria and all that.

If Berwick “officially” left the business sometime in 2013, why did he verbally state he was a participant in the operation when interviewed in 2015?

TDV employee Justin O’Connell posted an interview with Berwick referencing TDV Passports on January 1, 2015. Archive.

Why is Berwick referencing TDV Passports (where he was listed as CEO) if he was out of the passport business?

Berwick’s participation in the passport industry continues into 2016.

Berwick hosted the TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit on February 18, 2016 where he made a presentation about getting second passports. On April 11, 2016 Berwick posted an article to TDV letting his audience know that his presentation is available to be purchased for on-demand viewing. Archive.

Why would Berwick claim to have “officially” left the passport industry in late 2015 to then speak about passports at conferences people pay to attend in 2016?

Is TDV Immigration a legitimate company?

The first archived capture of lists the company as 2011 TDV Global LLC listing a Hong Kong address.

Now, lists the company as 2009 TDV Global Immigration Services LLC with an office in Hong Kong.

This company is not listed in the Hong Kong registry. (click Registration & Licenses)

Click unregistered user. Click the first or second boxes and then “agree.” Click company name.

Type in “TDV.”

Type in “vigilante.”

No results can be found for 2009 TDV Global Immigration Services. This is extremely curious.

Why does Berwick feel the need to be so dishonest about his involvement with the passport industry? I suspect it has to do with the passports that have been offered by TDV.

How does TDV obtain passports on behalf of clients? TDV Passports explains that Berwick partnered with immigration and local agents “to broker alternative citizenship and 2nd passport programs for TDV’s global client base.”

Again, Berwick explains how TDV acquires passports for their clients. Archive.

“TDV Passports hasn't announced it yet, but we have negotiated three separate expedited passport programs with the governments of three different countries. One in the caribbean, one in South America and one in Asia. The cheapest is less than $12,000. There is one for $25,000 and takes 8 months. The fastest is 42-90 days and costs $90,000. We have negotiated all of these directly with the governments of those countries... No one else is doing what we are doing. We are literally scouring the world looking to find governments willing to expedite passports for our clients.”

In a video no longer available on TDV sites Berwick explains that his company goes:

“around the world to try to arrange agreements with different governments. Find legal loopholes to expedite things. I think we're probably one of the only companies doing this right now…We’ve struck an actual deal with the Cambodian government – we’re the only people that can offer this – for about one month for about $90,000.”

Even though TDV passport lists Cambodia as 3 months.

There is a reason why TDV was the only company going around the world to broker exclusive deals available only to their clients; this is not how legitimate programs operate.

Why would a government write strict laws about citizenship and passports and then broker a deal with a private company for significantly shorter requirements? Were the deals with TDV codified into law? Of course not.

Many citizenship requirements are stated in the country’s constitution. All countries codify the requirements. Becoming a citizen of a new country is a time consuming process involving significant amount of paperwork and documentation. If governments wanted expedited programs for citizenship they would put them in law.

Unofficial “expedited” programs simply requires finding a corrupt politician who will accept a payment to approve the necessary paperwork. Just because a government employee uses official government stamps to approve paperwork does not mean the resulting passports are legitimate.

This strategy is the essence of most passports offered by TDV. Berwick and TDV finds government employees willing to backdate documents to expedite the application process.

This is not even speculation; Berwick admits to this practice.

A video was released on August 15, 2015 showing Berwick discussing his Mexican passport program. In the video, the camera shows the date of the conversation to be February 6, 2015. Assuming this date is accurate, Berwick’s claim on October 15, 2015 having “officially” left the passport industry “years” ago was a lie.

Berwick, in reference to TDV’s Mexican passport program, states

“I don't know if this is gonna work...the six week one. I know the Acapulco one works. They just sorta backdate it a little bit.”

How do you “sorta” backdate a document? Either a document has the correct date or it does not. Berwick’s statement is nothing short of admitting to filing intentionally misleading and incorrect paperwork to acquire passports.

Everything Berwick says in the video is damning.

JB: I said to my wife actually, who is very connected here, ‘man were dying here.' This Acaupulco program has been so slow that… and then we had problems in Slovenia, Venezuela, Paraguay. And I was like, ‘were getting killed here’ and she said ‘you know I’m gonna look into all my contacts.’ She introduced me to this new guy. He was like even bigger than the other guy. And he goes ‘no problem. 8 days, no problem. You guys I know who you are – you’re good friends, we’ll do whatever you want – 8 days.”

Eight days is not a legal option according to the government of Mexico.

It is not surprising Berwick has had problems in so many countries.

JB: So I told Magdi and another client to fly out and the first day everything went fine and the second day he texted me on Whatsapp and he said ‘so sorry, its gonna be 6 weeks I didn’t realize how much paperwork was involved’ and its just like…its just be killing me man

How did Berwick and his contact not confirm the amount of paperwork that needed to be done before determining how long it would take to complete?
Isn’t it rather irresponsible to not confirm with the contact the work that must be done and then use the contact’s estimate to convince people to fly to Mexico to get a passport?

JB: Like I just want to tell you I’m not like ugh….scamming you at all like I’ve never scammed anyone.

I have my doubts.

JB: Its just been so hard on me.

How do you think your clients that are out tens of thousands of dollars feel?

JB: And I know we’ve got a lot of problems. I know this caused you problems this has caused me problems. I said to this guy ‘you don’t even know what you just did. You caused a lot of people a lot of problems.’

Isn’t Berwick to blame for not checking to make sure his agent understood the paperwork that needed to be done?
How did his agent conclude 8 days? On what information was that figure calculated?

JB: He was very apologetic and he just wanted to make sure that everything was done right and when he looked into it, it looked like it was going to take at least six weeks and so that’s where we are at.

If his estimate of 6 weeks was made after making sure that everything was done right, how was his 8-day estimate formulated?

JB: And I really have been avoiding you. Ever since that morning he told me that I was almost suicidal to be honest.

Get help?

JB: I’ve had so many problems with so many people and…I had to drink a lot actually just to meet Magdi and our other client and tell them what happened…its really hard for me. I’m not saying you need to be worried about me or anything, I’m just saying that’s why I’ve been a little bit slow the last few days

Why would anyone want to be Berwick’s client if he has to drink before meeting clients to tell them bad news?

JB: and Chris, this is totally truthful, Chris, he apparently has bronchitis and he is in the hospital.

Who actually says “this is totally truthful” when they are being truthful?

JB: If I could go back I wouldn’t even get into this business. This has been a complete disaster so far. The only thing I can tell you is that…I am very confident, very confident, that the Acapulco program will be fine. It might just be a few months delayed.

Disaster is actually the correct term for Berwick and TDV’s passport programs.

JB: The Acapulco program is the most – its actually my favorite one. And I hope it gets faster no. It is so legitimate like its almost impossible to see how it could not be illegitimate because the come through the whole process.

Berwick is super serial guys.
He actually said its impossible to see how it could not be illegitimate. Of course he meant to say “legitimate.” But an interesting slip.

JB: They go to the embassy and they get their temporary residency visa – they come here they get their card. They get fingerprints and everything. The only thing that goes different is we just speed it up.

How does Berwick just speed it up?

JB: That one is beautiful. It’s a beautiful program its just been delayed by three months.


JB: I don’t know if you know the whole story but our main guy was in the hospital from about August 15 till about October 15 so about two months. We didn’t have any back up plan because we never expected him to be in the hospital this long. I don’t even know what it was, it was some sort of – I don’t even know what it was.

Isn’t Berwick in the business of creating backup plans?
How is a legitimate program derailed by one person being in the hospital? Wouldn’t his temporary replacement be able to preform the exact same task?

JB: Then he got back and were like ‘OK we need like a back up plan, we cant just have one point of failure on this.’ And he’s like ‘no problem.’ So that’s all good, we got that figured out and then Christmas hit and its like one month – like no one answers their phones its like fucking crazy.

Considering this was filmed in February of 2015 Berwick is likely referring to Christmas of 2014. More evidence that his claim of “officially” leaving the passport business by October 15, 2013 to be bogus.

JB: But we did just talk to him, just today and yesterday and he is looking into the exact details of the times when our clients are going to be coming through and he says he has four ready but he doesn’t know the names yet and were like ‘well give us the names so we can tell our clients’ and its been a couple days – typical Mexico.

Its all good

JB: The thing for me with you – and ugh, I so apologize for everything that’s happened so far – is I wanna get one of your clients through one way or another so we have a little bit of trust so you don’t think im just some idiot whose drinking all the time and whatever.

Getting people through one way or another? Legally or illegally?

JB: Because I didn’t even really know this guy. I was just hustling trying to get something done.

So Berwick accepted thousands of dollars from several people without vetting his inside man?

JB: And he promised me, he’s like a big guy – I wont tell you his name but you can look him up. He is like a congressman in Mexico, he knows everybody. And he through connections said ‘oh no problem – you know this person I will get this done for you in eight days.”

How do you look up someone without their name?
Does this sound like how official government programs are decided and approved? Communications through connections? One man determining the timeline?

JB: So I showed up and I was pretty nervous and of course Magdi is very neurotic so our energy was just… but he actually turned out to be right because the next day the guy said ‘no I cant do it 8 days.’ And on that day I drank at least 5 drinks before I met with anybody because – like, its… I don’t want any sympathy at all. Nothing. But its been very hard on me… all these problems. And they’re problems that I’m not causing.

How did Berwick not cause problems when he made back channel handshake deals with people he didn’t know or confirm they understood the paperwork involved but trusted their time estimates anyways and accepted money from clients and telling people to fly into Mexico based on mere assurances of government employees?

JB: I only just, I actually stopped drinking after I saw you. I stopped for three months. I’m not really even drunk right now but I needed to have a drink I talked to you because I hate telling people bad news.

Get help?

JB: But no I’m… I’m definitely like I’m working man. Like fuck man, holy shit I’ve been working. I’m working on other things too just so you know, I want to let you know. Maybe like five different businesses just to make sure I make enough money to pay people back for what I owe them. Like I have no intention of ripping anyone off, this is just a bad situation.

Why does Berwick need to make money to pay people back?
Why did Berwick spend the money he collected before services were rendered?

JB: You know, can I ask you something? ‘Cuz you’re in the same business (as me)… these last few years I make people promises because government people tell me they’re and then they don’t do it and then I’m on the hook for it. Like when I talk to clients now, in general – like I rarely talk to clients but if I do I say ‘you know, its not easy.’

Then why, nine months later, did Berwick write the article that we started with entitled “The Best, Easiest & Cheapest 2nd Passport Option I’ve Seen Yet" where he promotes the TDV program for Peru (the latest addition to TDV’s programs) calling the process “fairly easy”? Archive.
If you become a client of TDV don’t expect to talk with Berwick. However, if you have a podcast he will gladly talk to you for an hour to promote TDV.

JB: I don’t know if you know my story about the Dominican Republic. I applied for citizenship there 8 years ago (2007) and it was three years, it was supposed to be three years. And I went to the top lawyer company in Dominicano called…Guzman Aeriza. And so three years in I go ‘hey, OK good. I paid you likes like $10,000 or $15,000 so can I get my citizenship?’ and they went ‘no, they changed it to four years now.’ I was like OK. 5 years, 6 years, 7 years. Its now 8 years, I’m still emailing them and they’re like ‘we think he might, the prime minister might sign your citizenship next month.’

If Berwick has been delayed for years in getting his own citizenship in the Dominican Republic despite hiring the top law firm there, why did TDV Passports advertise an 18 month expedited citizenship as late as September 22, 2014?

JB: This business is so difficult, like I don’t know if you like understand what I am saying – if I am going to stay in this business which is a really like – once I get everything fixed – I might wanna just quit but if I do stay in the business I’m going to tell every client – unless you do like the St. Kitts or something like that… even then there is no guaranties. There’s no guaranties anywhere, like the Chinese people went to Canada and they did the residency and right at the end they just said ‘nope’

Here Berwick states he is contemplating leaving the passport industry. Again, this interview was filmed in February 2015. Berwick claimed in October 15, 2015 that he left years ago. He obviously lied when writing that.
His piece in October 2015 does not warn people of difficulties and delays. Rather he calls the Peru program “fairly easy.” Archive.

JB: Like at what level are we responsible for things that were not responsible for, you know what Im saying?

A riddle for the ages.
How is Berwick never responsible for the actions of his agents?
Doesn’t Berwick constantly complain about how incompetent people in government are?

JB: This guy is pretty much connected to the top SRE guy and so I think what really happened with him was – he was a little giddy you know, I flew in just to meet him and said ‘hey, we got some serious clients’ and he’s like ‘cool, we can get it all done’ and I think what happened was he went back and talked to everyone and said ‘there’s no way they can do this in 8 days’… he said this actually like 10 times and I said it probably 10 times as well ‘we do not want anything fake – fake is – we all die if its fake.’

How does backdating documents not make them fake?

JB: Everything’s for sale. Everything.
Cameraman: That doesn’t make it legal.
JB: (pause) – like every single person is for sale… they really don’t care about government here. Its kind of interesting. So if I had to guess how he is probably going to do it, he’d probably just go to some state, which is like 50 in Mexico, and say uhh ‘we have this guy, he wants to be naturalized in this state’ and they’d give him some money and they’d just stamp and then they’d go to the federal government, the SRE guys, and go ‘he’s naturalized now and he wants a passport’ and they go ‘stamp.’ That’s really how it is here.

Why does Berwick need to guess about how TDV’s passport program works?
What legitimate program would require paying someone (not official government fees or a salary) to stamp papers?

JB: Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that like ugh…. Yep, its sorta just the way it is really, I don’t know if this is gonna work – the six week one, I know the Acapulco one works. They just sorta backdate it a little bit.

Again, either a document is dated correctly or not. Mexico requires up to 5 years of residency for most foreigners to be eligible to apply for citizenship and a passport. How is backdating documents several years “a little bit”?
What official government program would allow backdating of documents?

JB: Like the Acapulco program, when its done, they will come here – we’ll go to all the government offices, like three of them. Fingerprints, and photos, and sign and they get a passport in about three days. That one’s no problem. It was only the Magdi thing that really…I could just sense that I knew where…

No problem? Isn’t the reason he needed to drink before having this conversation was to tell the individual filming this conversation about the problem of the Acapulco program not working yet?

JB: (I’m?) gonna tell you that, um, we got ahead of ourselves – we overspent because by now we thought we would have 10 or 20 clients already gone through and none of them have gone through and none of them have gone through. Its been a terrible couple months

Berwick accepts money for passports and spends it before they are delivered. How is that possible responsible?

JB: Hey listen to this. We are already doing one client through the new six week program so we’re gonna test that out – like this guy is a big guy – like I don’t think he would lie to me about this because his fingerprints are going to be all over this so what I’m thinking is in the next five weeks, probably…

Why would Berwick put a client through the 6-week program he admitted he wasn’t sure was going to work when he knows the Acapulco program works? If you were the client serving as a guinea pig for Berwick would you be happy?

Do government officials helping people acquire citizenship and passports through the official channels care about their “fingerprints” being on certain individuals applications?

JB: We have some very serious, very big people involved here. There is no way this can get all fucked up like this ever again and he was very apologetic and I can’t say anything until I see it but we will make sure for sure number 1 – the very first thing we get from him, if we get anything from him, that we will vet it out as much as we possibly can like I’ll personally take it right to the office ‘cuz I know people at the office here so Ill be like ‘is this real like look in your computer – like no problem? – like we will make sure of that. We’re just sort of in an issue – as well as you, and I apologize for that … we need a few weeks to to sorta sort things out here. I’m working my ass and I feel terrible about it and I don’t even know what to say?

Berwick admitted to having the same problems in multiple countries before. There is a pattern of his connections falling through.

Why would Berwick be concerned about the authenticity and functionality of passports if they were obtained through official methods? Who receives a passport from the government and then is so worried about it they go to a government office to have it inspected?

JB: Well ya know, this could all change in like a week umm…and I’m serious about this. I’m on my guy everyday here in Acapulco. If we can get the first of your guys’ out through you – its all good then you at least sort-of, kind-of trust just a little bit.

Why does Berwick deserve to be trusted?

JB: It was a total embarrassment and that’s why it took me like a week to even fucking write you man - like I was sooo, I am still so depressed because I thought this guy….
Cameraman: I’m in $300,000..
JB: Yeah I’m about $200 including you if you’re about $100 something and then another $100 – but that wont be a problem as long as I can get these situations solved, so I think we just gotta juggle a little bit

Why would Berwick need to spend money on a passport program if it was through official channels? Shouldn’t he just be guiding people through the process? What did he need to spend money on?

JB: … one of about five different things right now. I’m gonna probably make about $100,000 in about one to two months on an investment that’s going public – marijuana investment – I uhhh – the Acapulco program is working its just slow right now
Camerman: When was the last time you processed a client… and completed a second visit?
JB: a few months ago I believe
Camerman: Sounds a bit vague. Specifically?

Berwick admitted earlier in the video that he thought 10 to 20 people would have gone through by that point but none had. Now he claims that someone has.

(End of video)

People that lie will always contradict themselves. Berwick will say anything to keep his operation going; including statements that he isn’t involved. He knows it will all collapse some day and he is positioning himself to claim he wasn't involved and will direct blame to others.

Finding government employees to backdate documents is not easy as Berwick admits. Consider the enormous changes in the countries TDV offers passports.

• June 6, 2012 – the European Union option was removed.

• October 11, 2012 – Dominica was added as an option.

• September 29, 2013 – Antigua and Barbuda and Cyprus were added.

• October 15, 2013 – Mexico and Hungary were added.

• December 7, 2013 – Venezuela was added.

• January 2, 2014 – Slovenia was added and Hungary was removed.

• February 1, 2014 – United States was added.

• June 25, 2015 – Slovenia was removed.

• March 2, 2014 – Cambodia was removed.

• June 25, 2014 – Slovenia was removed as an option.

• October 10, 2014 –Dominican Republic was removed as an option and Malta was added an option.

• October 30, 2014 – United Kingdom was added as an option.

• November 11, 2014 – United States and United Kingdom were removed.

• December 6, 2014 – United States, United Kingdom, and Portugal were added as residency programs.

• February 19,2015 – Paraguay was removed.

• March 16, 2015 – The residency programs were removed, and the United States was again listed as a citizenship option. Malta was removed as an option.

• April 1, 2015 – Malta was added as an option.

• June 19, 2015 – Peru was added as an option.

• August 1, 2015 – Venezuela is still an option (LOL).

• August 16, 2015 – redirects to

If Berwick’s programs were legitimate, why the need to constantly change the countries he provides services? Are countries changing their laws to permit or prohibit TDV programs? More likely, the government officials Berwick hires to back date documents get cold feet or get caught.

Why could Berwick have the website updated to change the countries listed but not his profile naming him CEO of TDV passports?

Berwick does not deserve to be in good standing with Ancaps because of his business practices. Selling passports that either cannot be delivered or result in American’s unwittingly violating U.S. law and risking potential jail time should not be tolerated. People have already lost thousands to Berwick’s passport programs and as Berwick admits, he has already spent their money.

Berwick must be stopped and I see no faster way than through exposing his business practices and convincing people not to do business with Berwick and TDV.

Stay tuned as there will be at least one more lengthy expose on Berwick’s business practices regarding Galt’s Gulch Chile fiasco.

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Wow you went hard to get the light on darkness if this is the case! This is amazing reading this if all this material is accurate, we all have some serious evaluating to do on who we empower now! You have my vote just for your efforts in this post.


Did the best I could to only use Berwick's own words. The way back machine does not lie.


Great article, Krempcup. I plan on writing a short article soon adding a little more incontrovertible evidence to your solid case.

I know little about Jeff Berwick but there does seem to be on here a lot of people who have it in for the guy. Personally, I take people as I find them and have never met Mr. Berwick, so will reserve my judgement, if I'm qualified to have any judgement. Had to upvote the post because you quite obviously worked so hard in creating it.


Thanks for the upvote.

I did my best to offer as little personal opinion as possible. Just wanted to use Berwick's own words and show how he constantly contradicts himself.

Everyone is qualified to analyze the accuracy of Berwick's own statements.

At work and can't give this article the full attention it deserves but definitely will tonight with intrigue. Remember, it's all about effective due diligence.


it is certainly not a quick read. I encourage people to take their time.

you know the old saying if is to good to be truth maybe it isn't Jeff sound very professional and knowledgeable on the dollar vigilante but this is some piece of work having to find this treasure of information it will give me a new perspective when i see this man i trust humanity even less know thanks for your hard work apreciate you open my eyes to this deception

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Come on Jeff lets hear your response

Interesting as I just subscribed to Jeffs YouTube channel only a few minutes ago. I realize that I was gulping down Jeffs kool-aid pretty quickly after reading your article. I think I will continue watching his vids with a little more objectivity. Of course, assuming your information is correct. Either way it's a good idea to digest everything on the net or msm with a grain of salt.

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