Trump is Hillary's Pawn. Can it be any other way?

in anarchism •  2 years ago

I'm interested in what you think Steemians, because from my perspective, I can't see this game any other way. And I know you all are great at figuring out games.

If you were incredibly connected to powerful people and your group of players had reasons to make sure you get into office, wouldn't your crew hire your opponent for the show? The people Hillary is connected to hire hit men on the regular in order to get what they want. Why wouldn't they hire someone in this scenario to get what they want? They have to secure their power. 

Hillary is VERY powerful. What better way to claim the throne than to hire the perfect opposing player - a flashy, rich, entertainer with no real reasoning skills, patience, or experience? He's just good enough to steal the Republican show by being controversial, and he's more well known than any politician out there. But let's think about the bottom line here, and what Hillary's people must know: He doesn't stand a chance against Hillary in the debates. Her jargon alone will crush him.   

Trump has only ever been an entertainer - he isn't even that rich. He owns entertainment properties, TV shows, and "school," which has turned out to be a fraud. I'm not seeing a motive by Trump to actually become President. But to participate in the show we call "The Election"? OF COURSE HE WILL!   

It seems obvious to me that Trump is a pawn selected by Hillary's people to secure her the win. This thought has not gone over well with my friends. What do you think?

(Disclaimer:  I am not very political and generally not interested in politics at all. I'm seeing this from an outsider's perspective.) 

  #election #politics #controversy #anarchism #trump #hillary

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Its the only explanation imho.

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