Interview: Kurt David Robinson/@churdtzu Re: Deportation, Mexican Jail, Borders, Anarchy, Mind Control, Life, sweet life and relative Freedom

in anarchism •  11 months ago

Australian anarchist, poet, rapper, podcaster Kurt David Robinson has been living off plantation and travelling around. Two weeks ago he was taken off a Mexican bus at 2am to an immigration jail for 9 days waiting to be deported. His visa was a few weeks out of date. After 9 days in jail practicing jedi mind tricks Kurt was escorted back to Aus by two friendly Mexican immigration agents.
Of course I wanted to know about jail sex, but also, find out what Kurt has been up to since I met him 2 years ago at Anarchapulco. I have watched his growth and work as it flies by me in social media/Steemit and he always amazes me with his soul, wisdom, contemplation and heartiness.

Topics covered - Borders, Immigration, Deportation, mind control, emotional control, reality control, Mexican prison ettiquette, arbitrary law, fear, and anal sex, prison food, living free, turning dreams into reality, practising sovereignty, "control your emotions, control your reality", teachers disguised as friends, not succumbing to the fear program of the false, illegitimate authoritay, cultural cringe, normalcy, the new world order, centrelink "benefits", the golden days of dole-bludging, cybercrime, hacking, translating services for your own immigration officers, Finding The Curve Doco, human programming, questioning the status quo, science reappraisal, flat earth, globe lie, 'Finding the Curve' documentary, dinosaurs, re-creating a dinosaur from one tooth?, replica or real, mummified dinosaur???,

Finding The Curve Documentary

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@churdtzu will get @centerlink benefits from now on, thanks for the reminder he's an aussie :)

(No need to pretend he's retarded)