The REAL WORLD of Borders -VS- The FAKE WORLD of Media Propaganda

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Statism: The Verb

the actions taken by some individuals using deadly physical force to violate the free will of other humans, by stealing from them, caging them, killing them or impeding their movement on open land, and doing so in the name of following the arbitrary commands or whims coming from some other individuals.

Statism: The Noun

a belief  that the actions of statism (above) become moral or legitimate when referred to with euphemisms such as "collateral damage", "national defense", "security", and "law enforcement".

Starting With The Basics

We have a world full of these actions and beliefs running rampant.  A world full of humans violating others, yes, but even worse -- a world full of a bunch of people who believe that it's perfectly moral if it is called "government".

Any argument of "we can't have open borders (open borders = individuals CEASE and DESIST violently impeding the movement of strangers across an imaginary line) in a welfare state"

is LOGICALLY and LITERALLY the same as saying,

"We can't just stop violating people with deadly force, when there's a bunch of us already being violated by deadly force."

This is the irrational fear response/defense for state-enforced, forcefully-funded WALLS on property that no state agent legitimately owns.  

To point this out is not reductionist, it is very simple logic.  If you already understand that basic logic is what many first-world humans have been trained not to think in, you likely understand how it is that people think it must somehow be more complicated than that. 

The only thing that makes a person feel like there is justification for violent state agents violating the free will of individuals they do not even personally know or have never met... is FEAR.

Read that twice, carefully, if need be.  
I am exempt from no lesson, I teach what I had to learn myself.  I had to take a very long, hard look at myself internally, over the course of a few years, to finally understand that truth.


STATE-INDUCED Fear Destroys Your Ability To Distinguish Real Threats From Imaginary Ones

How do I know when I have a real threat?  When someone directly threatens me personally, and communicates that threat to me in some fashion directly, person to person.  

When I can discern that a specific individual(s) has/have directly threatened my person, then and only then do I take care to defend myself.  

Walking up to a stranger, for example, and punching them in the face when they did nothing to attack or threaten you, is called bullying, violating, or aggressing, and does not cease to be bullying just because, "That person dresses like people who might someday hit me!"  

I do not engage in state-enforcement, don a uniform in order to harass the arbitrary whims of some humans on total strangers I have no quarrel with, nor do I take on jobs that involve physical threats of violence to peaceful people, because I am a peaceful person who does not wish to bully anyone.  

If I get attacked, or there is a direct and known identified threat from specific persons I know of, I will absolutely defend myself.  

I have yet to have my body/home attacked by any individual of a religious group other than those individuals who enforce the religion of statism (violent CONTROL).  The likelihood of a random person robbing me is dwarfed by the likelihood of any agent of the cult of Statism (cops or otherwise) robbing me.  TSA, and other cops, have already robbed me.  I have friends of all ethnic/religious backgrounds, none of whom have robbed or attacked me.

All threats you are not dealing with directly in your day-to-day personal life are imagined, a "future possibility that maybe someone might hurt me" is still imagined until it exists, since that is true about all of life.  It is necessarily, logically, always true that at some later date some person may accost you.  

Statistically, it's always more likely to be an agent of the state violating you than it is to be anyone else whose everyday job doesn't require them to rob people for not following arbitrary scribbles on paper.

The supposed threats that are guessed at and pedantically argued about by sociopaths on television are 100% hallucinations generated by fear and paranoia -- and that is the dark propaganda of media.  

Take care to remember what the word media is and represents:
Most media distorts reality in some fashion, and necessarily so, it does not and cannot accurately REPRESENT ALL OF IT.  

I find it helpful to remember this about any form of media:
Media is what lies between you and reality,  it is not to be mistaken for reality itself.


Making It Personal

I have myself physically tried to drive across a line on earth, that is no one's private property whatsoever, and had to deal with a border agent who is indistinguishable in dress style and JOB DESCRIPTION from any of the Nazis.  He sat perched at the Canadian/American border.  

A violator, an immoral human being is that exact one who impeded another human who was peacefully minding her own business driving across some land; he is a bully who demanded she give up whatever information about herself that he so desires at a whim, prepared to shoot her or kidnap her and hold her hostage if she tried to continue on freely without being accosted.

If you believe he should be able to do that, and it is not immoral, then so be it.  I challenge you to get that uniform on and go get that job YOURSELF, instead of advocating for authoritarian violence against strangers from behind your computer.  Come try to stop me yourself, and DO the violence you advocate for with your own mouth and body so I can more quickly identify your evil and deal with it myself. 


The Power To "Grant" Rights Is The Power To Take Them Away

It shouldn’t take anyone with a decent level of intelligence long to figure out that a group of people who has the fire power to decide who gets to come across from one specific direction over a huge wall lining part of a huge continent, necessarily has the same fire power and ability to forcefully decide who leaves from the OTHER direction.  

Walls across thousands of miles of open land, largely unsettled or not lived on, are never about freedom, my fellow humans. Any human with a sense of his natural free will should understand where the enemy--the true threat--really lies by now.   A real threat is someone who is actively trying to violate me, in person, and worse -- someone who believes it is their right and duty to violate me when I have hurt or violated no one.   The people who fit this description are all agents of state violence (violation) -- cops, troopers, rangers, patrol, military, etc. 

I strongly encourage some self-education if you doubt me.  Take a lesson from any violence-enforced giant-wall-building experiment in history… Berlin, anyone?  

Where Is The Love? 

In empathy and love, in respect and basic human regard for life, where is there room for using deadly weapons to threaten total strangers who've not yet done anything to anyone, and are on open land in the middle of nowhere?  Where is the room to cheer for people to be stopped, searched, threatened with deadly force against their will for trying to move from one empty patch of dirt to another? 

There is no running from this: if you advocate it, do it yourself in order to at least have the integrity to back your own evil rather than being a coward.  


How Does It Stop?

The only way for statism to end, is for individuals to stop taking VIOLENT ACTIONS against others or advocating that a huge ruling class of humans gets to do it.

1. There is never an excuse to continue to actively violate the free will of others, and it is only FEAR that makes a person so desperately want such an excuse.  

2. This is not hyperbole or exaggeration, this is a necessary truth:  You are indistinguishable from a supporter of what the Nazis were doing, if you are one who supports such actions. 

3. If you claim to be a decent human and about real freedom, then you will stop defending and cheering for your fellow human strangers to be harassed/tracked/violated/robbed en masse, just as I stopped defending such blatant barbarism.  

You are hurting yourself, and hurting those around you if you are cheering for state-enforced and state-funded violence against your fellow men -- and this more than anything is why the mental disease of statism is so heart-breaking.

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