Anarchapulco 2019 Review, First Year Volunteer

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Finally back to the good ol' USA and had some time to run through the whirlwind of experiences for the past two months in Mexico. It was an unforgetable experience, and I only regret I didn't prepare enough and didn't get to talk to more people. I am already looking forward to next year and being more prepared.

Here's my first stream back from Mexico, going through some footages.

Special shout outs to the people I met at Anarchapulco:

  • Jeff Berwick, for starting the whole thing.
  • Pete, Eric, Cynthia, and Chris, the documentary crew for the opportunity and learning experience.
  • Jessica, Victoria, Jeff, Ryan, Carl, and Steve of production crew, cool and professional.
  • Abby and Daniel, my AirBnB rental mates, and fellow event volunteers, kinda miss them already.
  • Chris from SmartCash, for the SmartCard and free money.
  • Omar and his girl from Crypt0's news, all around cool dude.
  • Davinci and his brother Marc, they look nothing alike.
  • Howard, Bruce, DJ Koala and the crew at the Save the sea-turtles beach party.
  • Alais Clay, Eric July of Backwordz, and Immortal Technique. Got a new fan.
  • Michael, Bob, Miguel, Cam, Greg, Mia, Nancy, Robert, Aric, Lenin, and many more at Michael N's house party, I forgot after free liquor started flowing and joints being passed around. Sorry to the people I met and the names I forgot. Hope to see y'all again next year!
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