Free Thyself - Breaking The Mindcontrol

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Ever since I visited Anarchapulco 2018 I have become more and more aware of my psyche, thought and behaviour patterns and realized that I am torn apart between my actions and my thoughts and purpose. By analyzing myself I discovered that I have been basically going through the entire propaganda and manipulation machinery of the system and that I have to start unlearn what was indoctrinated all my life.


A Life Full Of Mindcontrol

I was born and raised in allied occupied West-Berlin, surrounded by the infamous Berlin Wall. Inmidst the frontline of the cold war. After the fallout of the Chernobyl disaster I ate out of tin cans for a year or longer. Later, my favorite food became junk food in all its forms and variations; Like soda over water and cheap ramen soup over real food. Raised by a single mom, struggeling to make a living for the two of us, I was early exposed to way too much Television as that was a way for me to escape my world.

In school I was suffering from the education system that forced me to sit still and be quiet and think like I am supposed to think for entire fifteen years. Most importanly, we were told that Nazi Germany was partly our fault and that we have to live in shame for that part of history that happened before our parents were even born. As a teenager I started to listen to Hip Hop and identified myself with the street-anger of these artists which created pretty negative thought patterns over the years for me.

At the end of the 90's I experienced Germany going to an illegal NATO war in former Yugoslavia which was sold to the public as necessary in school and media. And on November 11, 2001 I saw the twin towers collapsing on live TV and was bombarded with the fear and hatred resulting out of it. And eventually I was basically forced to join the military service in Germany to further try to make me a uniform block of wood that just follows orders.


The spiritual aspect of that

What is relevant for me out of all that is the energetical and psychological aspect of my experience. As I believe in the Hermetic teachings I am aware that all the bad thoughts and behaviour patterns that plague me on my daily life have been mostly put upon me during my life. Created by an evil system that tries to keep our spirituality low to prevent us from realizing that we are all powerful multi-dimensional beings that co-create the material experience with our thoughts.

Hence, I am starting to see that the only way of becoming a totally free person that can start to discover its soul purpose I need to cleanse myself of all that shit that has consumed my life for far to long. It is not easy to do anything about it as the behavioral controlled animal within my brain tries everything to keep me on track to stay who I am - because it is easier and does not require so much energy. It is a struggle to change and to discover all that is holding me back.

So what can I do? My anser to that is to be in love with my life and accept that all this healing will take time, probably the rest of my life. And as long as I stay aware I will take some action here and there and resonate my desire to free myself from the old shackles. This will create synchronistic events which will make me run into people that can help me as well as find new ways and answers to do so myself. It is a crazy road but I am excited to see what my life has still in store for me if I intentionally create my reality and become a true anarchist - without an external ruler.


Do YOU think that you have been feeded negativity on all levels of life and society throughout your life? How did you escape? How do you heal yourself?

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Hey man. I'm a 16 year old from Germany as well and I think this post was really inspirational for me. I would be really interested in your life experience.. Maybe you will make another separate post about that and go into more detail? Followed you! In terms of the media I will have to say that for me it has been a blessing and a curse at the same time: In my opinion mindless consumption of TV like RTL or some shit can destroy your entire perception of reality. But when using it to your advantage (Steemit) and learning new things online I think it can be a very useful tool.


Hey, maybe I will write more about it. It is a healing process in its own to do so. The internet is a great media and has helped to to wake up out of a deep slumber of ignorance. In your age I was much more asleep than you are today. I am happy for your generation to be able to break out much quicker than it was possible for mine. Steemit in particular is a treasure of uncensored information and a way to liberate ourselves financially.

I wanted to reply to this one and others too, @flauwy, but just didn't make the time. Have you ever herd of Dr. Joe Dispenza? He's one of my favorites, who like Gregg Braden and others does an excellent job connecting science and spirituality. I think you would enjoy this interview Lilou does of him on his book, "You are the Placebo". Have a look:


I have not heard about him yet. I know Lilou though. She is a sweet interviewer of interesting people. Will check out the video right away.


Because you seem much like me, I think you may like him and how he explained all the new neuro sciences with respect to our spiritual path. I posted both parts of that interview from years ago on your more recent post from the other day. But check this one out from last week where he goes deep into his hands on research of mysticism and activating our pineal gland. I think this one will blow you away, if you really tune in and follow him in what he says. For me it connects with so many other teachings and information I have studied and experimented with for probably close to 45 years now.

I'm not sure anything can better discribe "I need to cleanse myself of all that shit that has consumed my life for far to long" than "I need to cleanse myself of all that FUCKING shit that has consumed my life for far to long"..

...You are a very powerful being... Don't forget that.


Thanks for the reminder. ;)

Great post. I feel the same need to break the mind control and heal my mind and body. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

I love your raw openess @flauwy! I feel we are in a time that we are being forced by our soul's to let go of all of the illusion. This can be very painful, and uncomfortable and so worth it. Like the metmorphisis of the butterfly we must push further than we think we can to be how we were meant to be. I appreciate your honesty in your past and where you are at. I have been in a similar metamorphasis myself, and I resonate with the control, and thoughts placed onto me as a child. I was raised in a strict Christian home, my spiritual gifts were considered to be witchcraft, and from a very young age felt shame and self doubt projected onto me. As a child, it felt like my own, and maybe part of my purpose was to take on that burden to save someone else. Either way, how I am healing? Somatic Trauma Release therapy, energy work, acupuncture, massage, mother nature time daily, and raw pure honesty with myself and those around me have been helpful tools. Many blessings on your journey @flauwy! We support you :)


Oh wow, those are also some open insights into your past. I would love to hear more about the spiritual gifts you mentioned and how your folks held them down.

I am grateful for your support and interest. Blessings to your beautiful family.


Thanks so much @flauwy! I have always been a psychic and have had visions and predictions from a young age. Anything that has a witch in it, was banned from me and there was a huge emphasis on going to hell if I didn’t follow the rules. I remember weeping thinking of all the people who may go to hell just because they didn’t know of “the path”. I lived with guilt and shame about my sexuality and was told many times how I had to stay pure or again I would be headed straight to hell. I always felt like I was in trouble and put tremendous about of pressure on being perfect! This is a huge thing I have worked to let go of.

You got our support @flauwy! Thanks for being a part of our Acapulco fam:)


Wow, that really sounds like a lot of stuff to work with. I am so glad you were able to break the "spell" and just become your own authority to live your life as you like. What amazing time do we live in to be able to break free from the old doctrines and to liberate our true potential. I wonder what magic still lies ahead of us all as a collective generation.


It’s such an amazing time for us to break the chains, let ourselves of the imprisioning thoughts and into our high self!! Many blessings and exciting times for all of us :)

Hey my friend, great post! Yes, I agree entirely .. the system is set up to subvert our true path and to distract us from our internal wisdom, the constant noise and red tape often renders us deaf to our inner voice and leaves us questioning and fearful of the future. I feel that life is akin to a river that wants to take each of us in a certain direction, we can spend our time swimming against it's current and worrying about it's every twist and turn or find a way to quiet the mind and go with the flow .. understanding that every river leads to the sea.

I too was drawn into these negative thought patterns and perceptions of power and materialistic success that society softly whispers in your ear. It's hard work un-programming yourself, to reclaim your mind .. my main point of advice would be to be mindful of your thoughts. If you look back over your life (well certainly mine) we can see that life has a habit of hiding it's greatest opportunities amongst it's darkest times, it's not so much that we have these down times that define's who we are but how we rise to the occasion.

If something negative happens to me I've trained my brain to look into the future and think about how in the long term this could have a positive outcome, to be mindful that when I start to dwell on the negative to think about all the positive things that I have. The nueral pathways of the brain are in a constant state of reformation and flux, equally these pathways can become set according to daily patterns, habits and thought processes. New pathways can be set by an intent to change i.e you can train your brain to accommodate different patterns of thought and behaviour, it's not easy and we are a work in progress but by utilising a conscious effort to be mindful and in control of our thoughts we can free ourselves from the chains that have been placed upon us. Thanks again @flauwy


Very good advise, to look into the future for the positive benefits of that experience. And going with the flow is always something that leads to amazing results!

How did you escape?

Hear everyone...but only listen/respond according to the "still small Voice within". Christians know Him as the Holy Spirit.

This is a difficult thing to do; because, people we love will oftentimes offer/insist on their opinions of what's best...but only the Voice within is the one that matters....

Ironically, I am currently listening to a woman talk about how much she enjoyed Anarchapulco.

I leave you with this:

Be you.

Keep GOD (Your Higher Power) First...

Your wife...second...

Your kids third...

and then everything and everyone else in small compartments ;+)

Best regards.



I would be very careful when it comes to the voice within. I don't identify myself at all with many of my thoughts and it requires a lot of effort to NOT listen to the voice which is usually low vibrational thoughts. By distancing myself from that I can achieve to be true to my essence.


voice within

Good point. There are voices that originate from darkness. Satan tells people to do horrific things. Those operating in/yielding to the darkness are likely to follow him.

The Spirit/Voice I speak of, as most who follow me of the Triune Holy of Holies....Father God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit; thus, the capital V-oice. I speak from a place of Perfect Light.

While I am zero in and of myself; I am made perfect in Christ Jesus (Hebrews 10:14).

For by one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.

Thanks for the mention for extra clarification. Worth noting, any verberations promoting harm to self or others is demonic; and totally not of God.

Best regards.



How does one hear THAT voice? Meditaion and spiritual practices?


agreed.. the lower vibration language focuses on immaturity, emotional and pride... we must remain aware of the lower-self

Very beautiful post sir .you all right thank you

It's never ending struggle...

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Just try to absorb the positives out of it and work on the negative aspects to make myself better :)

a very helpful tips you gave us sir @flauwy. many thanks too

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