Anarchapulco - @Encryptdcouple explaining SmartCash

in anarchapulco •  11 months ago

In Anarchapulco I have met the wonderful @encryptdcouple and they have explained to me what the heck is SmartCash - a new crypto that was accepted everywhere on the event. It sounds awesome!

Check out the profile of the two fellow Steemians as their power has lead them to create tons of good content on the event in Mexico.

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You are just a wealth of knowledge @flauwy. Thanks for the insight into this project. I will have to look into it.

There is so much going on it is truly mind boggling.

By the way, king of comment, I totaled up the numbers for the week for my comments payment and I will be doing a post that will be up tomorrow morning. It wasnt an enormous amount of cash but it is something that someone with 500 SP or less could do and it would make a major impact on their account.

Plus the site really needs more comments.


Awesome to learn more about your comment project. Drop me the link please so I will not forget about it. Crazy what is going on right now and it is just a bit overwhelming. I am surrounded by millionaires and billionaires here and many want to get involved with Steem. Good times. :)


LOL Can they send some of those riches towards a couple of bald-headed guys.


You make some noise for us there Flo! :D
Bring those fat stacks into the blockchain!


Yeap, send me the link too, I'll talk about it for extra visibility as I believe it will be a good thing.

I'm trying to spin up a node while the prices are suppressed.


This interview and the fact it got so hyped here really made me want to get some myself. :)

unforutnatetly I am unable to load the video here. but i am sure its great and i will check out tmrw :D! lots of good comments talking about the interview here :D glad you are having a good time!

Sounds like our team is doing a great job to spread the word at Anarchapulco, glad to see you got interested! We of course also appreciate your effort and enthusiasm @encryptdcouple! (You should check your donation address :) )

Da der Smartbot auch erwähnt wurde, würde ich dir gerne deinen Einstieg etwas erleichtern @flauwy. Schöne Grüße nach Alcapulco!


Thanks so much for the very generous donation @azuri! This is our full time career and how we support our family so it really means a lot to us:)


Σ$$$ Tipped @flauwy Σ1500 SMART! Comment @smartbot help to claim. Currently the price of SmartCash in the market is $0.276 USD per SMART. Current value of the tip is $414.00 USD. To find out more about SmartCash, please visit


Hi Azuuri, omg what a great tip from you. I am just seeing this as I lost track of my comments during the Anarchapulco event!

Vielen, vielen Dank!

I am already super on fire when it comes to Smartcash and I am starting a project in Costa Rica to educate people about Smartcash and bring it to bars and restaurants.

A cryptocurrency that involves voting.. yikes. This one is actually fun. Especially the part of the rewards where users are rewarded every 25th of the month. This is something to try out. The privacy ofcourse, that's always guaranteed.
The returns they have spoken of are super high, who wouldn't want to reap money from having fun.
I've got to open an account and start my community project and see how far I go in this.


Glad to hear you are looking further into @SmartCash, it I see one of our favorite holds. We have seen huge rewards and watched many people become millionaires from this coin alone. Excited to see how you like it!

Thanks for this @Flauwy. I was given some smart cash a while back and opened a wallet but haven't done anything since. Will definitely be checking out @smartbot and @encryptdcouple.


We hope you love @SmartCash as much as we do!


I'll let you know @encryptdcouple. There's a lot to get my head around 😊

Just realised I've already made my first mistake using smartcash rather than smartbot as a tag! 😁

Wonderful to know about this and the main advantage of smart cash is that it works flawlessly on steemit too :D

SmartCash is awesome and @encryptdcouple have the best crypto vlogs!


Thanks so much for the continued support @otage! It means a lot :)

Flauwy... from financially struggling rager to Crypto Guru! :D

You are an inspiration man, I'm loving to follow your journey as you develop yourself and self-improve for everyone to see.


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Well , what the heck is smart cash? Let us all know.

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Just joined Smart cash few days ago :-) starting to learn about it !

Learning is really a continuous process, I learn daily from big guys like this. Getting there soon. Thanks Sir

Awesome, yea I got a bunch of Smartcash already. A simple idea headed in a positive direction. That tag used to be applied to Bitcoin. Getting more Smart very soon. Keep up the good work buddy.

Thanks for your information I like your post I think I will trying to spin up a node while the prices ........

Great work guys! I look forward to connecting with y'all in the near-future to discuss potential SmartHive projects.

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