Anarchaforko Anarchapulco Fork Update: What You Need to Know Right Now About the Fork

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So as we draw closer to Anarchaforko I have people contacting me constantly, publicly and privately to share their enthusiasm for what we’re doing and something I’m finding is that many of you aren’t even aware of some of our best features!

So tonight I take some time to remind you about some factors about Anarchaforko that truly set us apart, as well as some other news like deals for getting cheaper tickets!

Now while our ticket isn’t as expensive as say Anarchapulco, it does have a cost and it’s worth explaining how we got to the price that we did. There are several factors at play!

For one, there’s costs to the event for the rental of the venue and the building of the website platform, which is where many of the Anarchaforko tools are housed.

Beyond that there’s the need to compensate our affiliates, who do the work of selling tickets to people to get them involved with the fork! We have a unique program in which we award half the ticket price to the affiliates!!

If you find yourself on a budget, consider taking advantage of the deal we have going until February 1st. If you reserve a room at Hotel Copacabana before February 1st, you’re eligible for a half priced ticket via unique coupon code. To get the code, reserve the room then email us at [email protected]

And finally, one of our greatest features is in the ability for all participants to add events and make their mark on Anarchaforko. All you need is a ticket to add whatever you want from a dinner at a restaurant to a speech or a workshop. It’s up to you how involved you become!!

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