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What are the everyday challenges faced by women? To get to know and understand them, one should simply see them with their own eyes or… feet. Our last session became an opportunity to meet Ania, a young woman who is aware of all challenges connected with taking care about the self-image. In her past she was testing a special foot designed for women after food amputation, who still would like to enjoy wearing high heel shoes. She admits that walking with such artificial foot is definitely possible.


Ania is very open and broaden-minded person. She leads her own page in social media which is dedicated to people after limb amputations. Despite that she loves dancing and yachting. This time she decided to face the fashion challenge which took place in a very special surrounding.


Spontaneous meetings with friends or romantic time spent with partner should be a perfect time and the source of a good mood. That’s why it’s important to look well and such perfect look should be the mix of comfort, simplicity and some elegance. It’s worth to look at some fashion trends, full of different patterns, including stripes and exceptional cuts. Mixing together all these elements might give and outstanding results.


We suggested her wearing shirt dress, as it’s the ‘safe’ option for women with all types of body shape, both slim and those who don’t have a perfect silhouette. Such dresses are comfortable, casual and elegant. We’ve chosen long, midi skirt with vertical stripes and button fastening throughout all length. Vertical stripes visually lengthen body and height. V-neck helps to expose breast and arms. Such neck cut is perfect for women with full breast, which in the case of this dress is also underlined by waist binding. Sandal, purple flats with subtle spikes visually lengthen the silhouette and creates a nice contrast with beige color of dress. Again, stripes turned out to be the perfect pattern which helps to highlight feminine attitudes.


Collaboration: Helios Cinema www.helios.pl


I am a personal injury lawyer and I have represented several people who have suffered amputation of a limb. I have always marveled at their raw courage to face this kind of loss with not just courage, but dignity as well. I am so proud of this young lady to tell her story in such a profound and honest way. Thank you for making the Steem community aware of how things are for our amputees. Whether it is from war or catastrophic accidents there is always a human face to these tragedies. The perseverance of the human spirit should be a model for us all. Less complaining and more appreciation of what we have. Gods speed , everyone.

Nice one

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I love your images and the perspective that is transmitted to see them as you are in a huge space where YOU and only you are the protagonist at that time.

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