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RE: America’s Election Meddling Would Indeed Justify Other Countries Retaliating In Kind

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Meh, it's all just a joke to them. Everything is tied to their investments and retirement pensions....The gravy train rolls on.


When a man on the street picks your pocket and you catch him, then what happens with that guy?
Now someone caught a much bigger gang of thieves in the act. Is that a reason to demand less?
If they can get away with this bullshit then that will be the end of the USA alltogether.
They are getting away for MANY years with crimes that destroyed many peoples lives.
So if they find this a joke, then it's even worse. The only way to save this planet is to turn the table on them. Turning the table is a solution that worked very well in the middle ages, and since they still live by 'the book' of those middle ages. this may actually work.