Reyes Meza Museum – A Museum Dedicated to Work by Jose Reyes Meza

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The Reyes Meza Museum is a non-profit cultural center cum art exhibit that majorly commemorates and preserves the work of acclaimed and highly revered artist Jose Reyes Meza. The museum currently is dedicated to saving and preserving Mexican art as well as promotes local artists by helping them take part in temporary exhibitions. The museum also acts as a common space for interaction between artists and art enthusiasts. During the exhibitions, a visitor or spectator can directly communicate with the artist and buy his or her artwork. This helps in promoting local artist and preserving the local art and cultural heritage.

The museum is not very big but spacious enough to display and preserve things. There is enough space for conducting temporary exhibitions. There is a large hall that measures 480 m2 and a smaller room measuring around 362 m2, and both of the rooms are generally used for temporary exhibitions of art. The museum was founded on 12th June in 2008, and since then it has been a popular breeding ground for artists. The museum is one of the best places to not only showcase and display the art but also learn more about the artist by meeting them.

The museum is dedicated to the art of Jose Reyes Meza who was a famous Mexican painter along with being a costume and set designer. He started his artistic journey from his career in theatres and was an active painter. The art museum is a tribute to his contribution to art where one can even learn more about his life and history and his tryst with art and painting. Every year the anniversary is celebrated with a display of some phenomenal photographs in the gallery and different art pieces. The tribute events have gathered many visitors from the country.

The exhibitions are conducted from time to time based on different themes and area of interest. This gives the opportunity to the local growth to display their work and earn a better livelihood through the exhibitions. Generally, the museum is open for the visitors on all days with the timing for Monday through Saturday being from 8am to 3 pm, and on Sunday the timing is from 9am to 1pm. Generally, there is no entry fee charged for the visitors. There are many exhibitions and art auctions conducted inside the museum at regular intervals. The museum also hosts art competitions.

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