Pueblo de Santiago – A Sleepy and Quaint Village with Colonial Influence

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Pueblo de Santiago is a quaint and charming village with a lot of history and culture surrounding its streets and every corner. The village is located in the city of Monterrey, and there are many fun things to do and explore around the village. It has a small plaza that is the center of the village and is surrounded by fancy restaurants, quaint cafes, and hotels to sample out local and authentic food. The plaza within its vicinity also has a church, town hall and two small museums preserving the history of the village. The place is perfect for a day trip.

The small alleys and cobbled streets with colorful little houses on rocky paths make the place even more picturesque. The village is surrounded by an abundance of nature with beautiful landscape, gorgeous waterfalls, and a lake. There are many stalls where visitors can purchase cute souvenirs and crafts. With colonial influence, the architecture brims with a Spanish feel. The little museums in and around the plaza do not have an entry fee, and there are many interesting objects displayed inside. The village is pretty close to the city of Monterrey and easily accessible with public transport.

The small entrance to the village transports you back into olden times with century-old cobbled streets and a beautiful colonial settlement. The colonial era architecture mixed with brimming art and culture and delicious Mexican food aroma from cafes and local restaurants makes the place special. There is a hill located behind the church that can be climbed using a well-marked train that gives a gorgeous view of the surroundings. The sleepy village is pretty close to the national park and hence is a getaway to a number of nature trails and hikes. The village has a number of pretty accommodation option to spend the night in complete Mexican galore.

The village is located in the Northern side of the Nuevo Leon state and with its natural scenic beauty teamed with historic influence has become a famous tourist destination. With an amazing history, the colonial past can be traced back to 1645 after the first settlement was established by Diego Rodriquez de Montemayor. The museum located close to the central plaza has all the history about the place and gives a better understanding of its colonial architecture and early settlements. The magical village is perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway.

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