My Steem Ambassador Application

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Dear @steem-ambassador, I feel I have, and continue to represented the Steem block chain and the Steemit community to the best of my abilities and hereby apply to be a Steem Ambassador as per the guidelines privoded on the website HERE.

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See below a summary video of this blog:

Previous Promotional Experience

My back ground is in multi $Bn, international construction and project management along with an extensive experience in investing in the legacy stock, futures and options markets and the now prevailing crypto currency markets.

I have been promoting Steemit and the Steem blockchain since June 2017 and have been an instrumental part in organizing the platform's voluntary promotion community which now accounts for hundreds of posts per day on the #promo-steem tag, which is the 6th fastest growing tag on and has recently moved into the top 100 most popular tags on the platform.

promo-steem logo.png

My Story and Achievements as a Steemit / Steem Promoter

I started off collaborating with @stephenkendal in June 2017 when we expanded #promo-uk from posting flyers and business cards into an international movement on the promo-steem tag. During this time I have:

  • Flyered door to door
  • Written the "How we promote steemit and get paid" instructions (Aug 2017)
  • Started #promo-steem (Aug 2017)
  • Organised the first #promo-uk meet up in Birmingham (Sept 2017) HERE
  • Set up, planned and executed the #promo-uk Steemit University tour (Sept Oct 2017)
  • presented steemit at the London Investors Show (Oct 2017)
  • Attended and talked at Steemfest on the growth of #promo-uk and #promo-steem (Nov 2017)
  • Wrote white paper (Dec 2017) HERE
  • Wrote Content for the website (Dec 2017)
  • Set up and blog to the @steem-ambassador account
  • Carried out several #promo-steem public disruption marketing events with @dannyshine and @wierdside
  • Continuously used my the majority steem power to support other, smaller steemians promoting steemit on the #promo-steem tag in order to benefit the growth of the whole community
  • Supported many initiatives, especially those that encourage whales to use their Steem Power responsibly for the growth of steem and the community instead of for the growth of the individual whale's own steem power.

promo-steem steemit steem ambassador.png

promo-steem steemit steem ambassador.JPG


promo-steem meet up Birmingham.gif

Promo-steem Promo-uk.JPG

My #promo-steem talk at Steemfest

@anarcotech, @stephenkendal & @starkerz at the London Investors Show

steem-ambassador account on steemit.png

promo-steem website.png

Why I Promote Steem / Steemit

I originally invested in Steem in November 2016, having researched the project and realised the potential of its decentralised nature for rewarding voluntary work. After having held through the painful 6 cents price low of April 2017 I decided to get involved in the only way I know how, by adding value. With my current skills, the best value I can currently add is through the promotion of the platform. So off I went. However the amazing steemit community gave back in droves! what a wonderful experience to be involved in promoting a community, that feels so passionately about itself,what it can achieve and the positive difference it can make in the world.

Once #promo-steem had grown to larger numbers, it was amazing to see how many peoples lives it positively affects every day. Now I am hooked, spending about 20-30 minutes every day scrolling through the #promo-steem tag to find the best promotional work done by volunteers from all over the world. This is truly a rewarding activity and really is changing peoples lives as they are encouraged to carry out positive voluntary actions that benefit the whole Steemit community. AWESOME!

Reasons for becoming a Steem Ambassador

  • I want to continue to support the Steemit community the best I can
  • I hope to continue to add value to the steem blockchain
  • I believe in the positive difference Steem can make in the world
  • I feel I am a trusted member of the community who can embody the #promo-steem name and continue to innovate to help others achieve their best using the steem blockchain.

Future Plans as a Steem Ambassador

  • To continue supporting the promo-steem tag and promo steem community with my steem power and personal time
  • Continue to be an advocate of Steem and Steemit
  • Contribute to the roll out the #promo-steem voting guild, website finalisation, Steem Ambassador Program and the various events that #promo-uk has planned such as the London Cryoto Currency Show (SEE HERE) & Steem Fair (SEE HERE)
  • Continue to do my best to reply to comments and upvote on the @steem-ambassador page & to liaise with the promo-steem community
  • Continue to advocate for and raise the profile of the #promo-steem community on Steemit and other social media platforms and with organizations and initiatives in real world
  • I hope that I can get support from the community here at steemit to support my Steem Ambassador Application


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    you are doing a very good job man. we need people like you here :)

    You are unargueably one of the best people that have made my stay on steemit worthwhile...before i drop any post, i already pray inside me, if @starkerz can just upvote my post, i will be glad...lo and behold, you act like you hear what i say inside my mind. I must confess @starkerz, the posts that have given me the highest payouts has been because you were involved in the upvoting process....i'll just say thank you @starkerz for all the encouragement, wish you all the best in your steem ambassador journey....thank you


    So awesome to hear! Brought a rather large smile to my face!

    It has been a priviledge and a pleasure to be part of the #promo-steem team with Matt @starkerz, and I can tell you that in all the conversations we have behind the scenes, his vision and integrity are beyond reproach, and his committment to promoting the STEEM blockchain and the Steemit platform are exemplary. Part of the reason I am part of the core team is that he and @stephenkendal are my colleagues, mentors, friends, supporters, partners and fellow passionate advocates for blockchain, and specifically for this one. I know the work we have put into getting #promo-steem up there, both in terms of what you guys see here on the platform, and the vast amounts of time which has been committed to making this initiative a success. Without any hesitation whatsoever, I second, third and fourth this proposal.

    Great job, bro. The journey of promoting steemit has been smooth. Steem on, @starkerz. You are really a star on this platform. Thanks for all your support in my promotion work.


    Much appreciated @greatness96, the African steemit legend!!


    I'm glad you are back, bro. Having you around is a great encouragement. Though I don't know when your job will take you away again.

    There is no denying the impact you have been making on growing this platform and how you have helped a lot of minnows like me. You are a source of inspiration and you are simply phenomenal. Thank you for all you do. You will always have my vote anytime anyday.


    @starkerz is not just a promoter but also an helper who has helped a lot of us and still helping


    That man is simply amazing. He oozes awesomeness.


    Over amazing like we say yeah in Nigeria

    That's an amazing one @starkerz. Keep doing the good work sir. I admire your promo efforts


    Thank you @bait002


    It's good to see you blogging again especially about this particular content. It's been a while you know @starkerz


    I’ll be back on the boards soon! I know u have sent a lot of messages. I will get right on to them in the very near future!!

    Hi @starkerz ! Your actions speak for yourself! You have been doing amazing efforts to make Steemit and the Steem Blockchain a better place every day! And you have done all this with a great executed plan, that is working like the mechanisms of the clock. Congratulations for all the achievements and the name @steem-ambassador for you is just the title, but your name here and actions already put you that title for default!

    Its interesting to see how you have worked on the multi $Bn, international construction and project management. So you have been in-charge or currently of huge construction projects in the UK or overseas?
    I like construction and have been involved in private residential construction.

    Regards, @gold84


    Construction Overseas, generally in the middle of nowhere, I only work in frontier places ;)))


    Interesting @starkerz ! You continue doing construction managment?

    Regards, @gold84


    I have been out of the traditional job market for 2 years now.

    You have done an amazing job @starkerz for the promotion of Steemit. I can't imagine you not being a steem ambassador! I was already convinced from his presentation about the importance of #promo-steem, but after talking with him I realised #promo-steem is a revolutionairy movement.

    I am glad to be part of it!


    Very legendary you are :))

    Starkers was the one who introduced me to Steemit. A chance meeting at the Cuban Exchange openmic night in Wolverhampton. After hearing his enthusiasm for Steemit I had to give it a try . Now most of my family are on Steemit.

    I have been to one of his crypto seminars and the Birmingham Steemit meet up. I know how knowledgeable he is about all things crypto and his drive and faith in making the Steemit platform grow and grow is undeniably.

    He is already a massive promotional asset to the platform and becoming a Steem ambassador will only increase that.


    Thanks @brianhphotos ! Much appreciate this coming from u!!

    You have done a lot of work for this blockchain you have taken it to the next level with all your creative work and talent have put all the hard work behind it without giving up a single time have seen from the start you deserve every bit of it even words would fall short to describe your hard work !!!!! Go @starkerz wohooo :D


    Means a lot coming from u @blazing! Thanks for all the support over this time!!

    That's so awesome, man. You always fire me up when I watch your promo's.
    I Love what you're doing, keep up good work! :d

    nice to see you @starkerz on this mission and good to know your future plans as a Steem Ambassador. sure it will give good result which we imagine about steem and steemit
    i really appriciate all of you when i see @promo-steem tag @steem-ambassador @steemfair and the web all these things make this promoting steem work more excited and successfull and hope in next some months every one will mak part of this blockchain with your exellent efforts for this blockchain


    THanks @robrowe really appreciate your ongoing support on the #promo-steem tag

    Once I was in a promotion campaign in my university. At first I thought it was an easy work.
    But found that it's not so easy and needs much effort and concentration to do something good. From this experience I can imagine how much hard work and effort you provided to promote this large fastest growing community. Your hard working will not be futile. Good luck 👍@starkerz

    That's one heck of an impressive application there Mr @starkerz.

    I think you got it nailed!

    Good to see another UK ambassador.


    Hey @pennsif, I see your event on Saturday went swimmingly! Congrats! Looking forward to the next one!!


    Thank you. I really didn't know beforehand how it would go. But for a first event it worked out really well. A couple of new recruits and a couple of really good ideas.

    Hi Starkerz - 100% supported - absolutely immense dedication and what a great application!

    On a seperate note - What do we have to do next to help you get the starkerz tag on the trending topics list - I'd summise that you need $1,000+ lifetime SBD payout associated with the tag!

    What you are doing for this community and your tireless efforts are commendable. You are truly worthy of Steem Ambassador and i wish there are stronger words than that. Thank you sir.


    Thank you so much!


    You are most welcome. I have only recently joined and seeing your posts and promo-steem i can see the efforts behind the scene. Well done once again sir.

    Reading your entry with all the achievements I think I have to up my games on promotions.
    You are such an amazing promoter.


    Thanks @samiwhyte. Really appreciate these words coming from u, one of the best promoters on the platform!


    Thank you sir
    It's great working with you sir

    Great and excellent work you are doing for the community @starkers. Am so much inspired and motivated to do more promo-steem here in Uganda as well as it is layed out on my blog @yohan2on.


    Keep up the great work @yohan2on


    A smile is on my face! Thanks so much @stakers for the kind support.

    @stakerz I'm right behind you brother..


    @stakerz I'm loyal boss

    great to see your application to steem-minister and I took after your joureny to advance steem when you was begin it in august with way to entryway compaign to advancing steemit and now you and your group doing best employment, on the off chance that we see now the achievement and rank of @promo-steem tag and furthermore the great work with @steem-envoy

    I saw you with different individuals with bull horn to in broad daylight in steem-diplomat's posts about promot steem and give steem bussines cards to individuals is better than average work and dependably appriciate you.


    Thank you @taylor10! I think one day there will be a steem-minister

    So much work was done by you guys together with Stephen and Danny. I'm just over the moon when I see anything related to your promotional projects.
    Respect to you, you're awesome, keep it up!


    Thanks @sadpotato! Awesome words!

    great to read your post and see your application i just joined steemit last month and see that here some person are doing really great job like you and your team and i followe all you and steem-ambassador and good to read your all points of
    easons for becoming a Steem Ambassador
    Future Plans as a Steem Ambassador
    hope you continue to add value to the steem blockchain and you continue to support steemit the best as you can and really you and your team are trusted persons
    now i have a strong hope and reason to invest in steem to see your promo work for steem @starkerz ...thanx for this exellent work


    Thanks @sheman I really appreciate these words!!

    I wish you fortunes @starkers, you truly derseve this position, we truly value your opportunity and enable you to offer us on steemit, indicated by the immense work you do to make steemit the best community,i trust you can deal with this position of being a steem diplomat, we're so pleased with you


    Hehe! A steem diplomat!! I like it ;))


    I am new join in steemit. Please see my profile. @starkerz

    This is motivating, this is captivating, I don't just know how to call this, with all these you've done for all of us, you're truly an ambassador of steem, this has put us on our feet,

    steemit promotion continue until it's in the heart of every family and on the lips of every man

    There's are great achievements and really deserves rewards, thanks for adding to the society


    Thanks very much @keban!!


    You are welcome

    This post is absolutely good , thanks for your valuable time you spent when organizing this tremendous content, i hope you will get us more this.


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    please do not go round spamming people with the same comment. You have done this well over 20 times in one hour.


    thank you for that advice, am just just a new person on this platform ,with little briefing , we all learn from mistakes, i promise to change

    well good to see your application to steem-ambassador and i followed your joureny to promote steem when you was start it in august with door to door compaign to promoting steemit and now you and your team doing best job, if we see now the success and rank of @promo-steem tag and also the good work with @steem-ambassador
    i saw you with other members with megaphone to in public in steem-ambassador's posts about promot steem and give steem bussines cards to people is really good work and always appriciate you....
    Also heared about steemfair in @stephenkendal post i feel much glad that the @steemfair is really a good and brilliant idea and hope with @steemfair now more people will come on this platfarm and now flood of newbies will arrive on steemit
    hope you and your team will get a great success in this great mission @starkerz


    Thank you @shencoin! Really looking forward to all of the things you lost above!!

    i wish you luck @starkers, you really derseve this position, we really appreciate your time and help you offer us on steemit, ..according to the great work you do to make steemit the best community,i believe you can manage this position of being a steem ambassador, we're so proud of you


    Thank you! I hope more to be able to support others doing great work!!

    thats great to see your work for steem and steemit and hope your best job for steem give the great future to the steem blockcahain and also all of us
    with these promo events and shows sure it will bring more awairness of steem and steemit to all world and one day steem will be the only single and more attractive blockchain which preffer by all world
    now many persons are trying to do promoting work like you to see your promo acitivities @starkerz ....
    keep it up always till steem will on top and no 1 in world


    Thanks mike! Really hope to keep on inspiring others!

    decent to see you @starkerz on this mission and beyond any doubt it will give great outcome which we envision about steem and steemit

    I truly appriciate every one of you when I see @promo-steem tag @steem-ambassador @steemfair and the web every one of these things make this advancing steem work more energized and successfull and trust in next a few months each one will mak part of this blockchain with your exellent endeavors for this blockchain


    Much appreciate your support @perry1

    This is undoubtedly superb. What an expendable asset you are to the steem community.
    Steem on @starkerz. May your dreams come true.


    Thanks fella ;))


    @starkerz if we people just work like we are working on steem then i bet the steem will surely be one of the best platform because on steem you don't need to have 4 to 5 account like you need different account for fb twitter and YouTube..... And in long run dtube and zappl will also overtake YouTube and twitter.... Hope God the best

    That is soo amazing @starkerz

    moments gathered with the steemian @starkerz to build a close bond with the steemit family

    i hope yhu become one cos i have seen yhur support for those preaching the steemit gospel. Thank yhu

    Thanks very much for being part of this, the support you give us plus the promo+steem events.
    Future Plans as a Steem Ambassador
    hope you continue to add value to the steem blockchain and you continue to support steemit the best as you can and really you and your team are trusted persons

    Have been following you over this journey and i must say that you done a lot and lot of work for steem you summarized it very well for new people too they could understand how you evolve over the time this is great to see :) all the best to you @starkerz

    I appreciate your struggle for # promo-steem, hopefully your advice is approved,
    so far I also often use "tag" promo-steem in my post, success is always for you

    It's an honor for me, if only I could join @steem-ambassador :) thanks @starkerz


    Visit the pomo-steem website get the guidelines and make an entry


    You are highly welcome
    Hope you've visited the site ?

    I thought you and @anarcotech already our mentors (steem-ambassador applicants). Seeing you post this made me more humbled about the position more. Ill be mirroring your efforts and apply it to my country!

    Ive invited 10 already so 40 more to go! Thank you for your support! Thank you for promo-steem!

    PS our event is tom! So excited


    Great stuff!! Good luck!

    Wow! really great.......//////////

    Nice job, but i have a problem:

    My friends when I talk to them about Steemit
    When I say: You create money when someone like your post, my friends look at me like this.


    The rising star of the steem Block-chain is here don't fear :)


    Yeah best of luck for your project
    Officials definately help you
    Very best wishes
    Fab work

    good luck on this endeavor @starkerz, will be supporting you all the way and the best way I can.

    Nice your promo post wow nice new id plz upvote

    very good job @starkerz