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Hello Steemians,

this is my personal application as a STEEM Ambassador and at first I want to say thank you to all of my supporters in the past & of the present, you motivated me a lot to promote Steemit all over the world!

What is a STEEM Ambassador?

Steem Ambassadors are people who are constantly promoting STEEM and/or the Steemit community and the several apllications on the STEEM blockchain. STEEM Ambassadors are also curating good content with the tag promo-steem and I think that I would be the perfect person for this job.

The main role of the Steem Ambassador is to ensure that our guild rewards system upvotes only high quality content which:

  • Successfully promotes Steemit and/or the STEEM blockchain to new users, investors, businesses or other organisations.
  • Is involved with voluntaryist work on the STEEM blockchain.
  • Is involved with educating non-steemians to the potential of the blockchain.


Six Responsibilities Of A Steem Ambassador.png

Why Im thinking that I would be the perfect person for the Steem Ambasador program and why the community should approve my application?

Im a Steemit member since July 2016 and I already found this amazing social-media-blogging-platform when it was still in Prelaunch (but I wasn´t able to sign-up during the prelaunch). I found Steemit because Im an independent online marketer since many years now and I had the vision of a social-media-platform which is paying their users for the time spending on the platform & the posted content on the platform.

When I found Steemit I was sure that this is the perfect concept for such a vision, even if I didn´t understand the whole concept perfectly at this time. Blockchain technology was also completely new for me at this time and because of Steemit I began to learn more & more about it. All my friends were very sceptical about cryptocurrency and Blockchain at this time and thought this is something illegal, because they only heard about the black market.

I always have my own thoughts and I never speaking negatively about something without my own researches and thats why I decided to visit the Steemfest1 in Amsterdam for myself alone. I wanted to learn more about this unique Steemit community here, about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. Some friends thought this is only an event for Hackers and I think they were a little bit afraid to come with me. ^^

For me it was the best decision to visit the first Steemfest just alone, because I learned so much about the Steemit platform, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the most important thing was that I have met many positive minded people in Amsterdam from Steemit in real life. Some of them I already knew before the Steemfest from their usernames and it was great to meet them personally. A big pleasure for me was also to talk and shake hands with the founder of Steemit @Ned Scott.



In 2017 I have visited the Steemfest2 in Lisbon together with my good friend @lex030 (we already knew us for years before Steemit) and it was a very great event again.

We had a lot of fun, even met many more people of the Steemit community, Steemit developers etc. and learned many new things about the Steemit platform.









The friendly atmosphere, the background information and the strong community showed us again that Steemit will have a great future and this was also the start of our @teamberlin project. We already invited many friends to join Steemit and we are always promoting Steemit in restaurants too for example, in combination with the @facerates project.




I have promoted Steemit to so many people over the internet since 2016 and to friends here from Berlin in the last year, so that it is not possible to count how many people I have already invited to Steemit so far... I invited bloggers, friends, investors, marketers and people from all over the world. Im also very happy that I was able to help a guy from Gambia (@ablie) with the support of the Steemit community, such as @blocktrades for example and Im promoting Steemit almost every day in several ways since 2016. I also wrote many Tutorial articles for Steemit and third party applications, such as @minnowbooster, @steepshot, @esteemapp, @blocktrades, @dtube, @dlive, @steemhunt etc...

Thats why I would fit perfectly as a Steem Ambassador and Im very experienced in promoting works and I already had bigger successes in Affiliate-Marketing and building communities before.

I can also already show some big successes in promoting Steemit on other platforms and here are some of many examples:










I could show you many many more examples of platforms where Im promoting Steemit and according to my stats Im sure that I have already spread the word about Steemit to many thousands of people so far over the internet and in addition Im constantly promoting it to my personal contacts.

Im also the initiator of the #monthlyauthorchallenge, already wrote articles for the @steemsports account, translated articles from English to German for @papa-pepper and I helped the Steemit platform in so many other ways so far.

That´s why I would say that nothing stands in the way to approve my STEEM Ambassador application.

What can you expect from me as a Steem Ambassador in the future?

I will continue with promoting Steem all over the world as always, over the internet and personally and I want to curate great content with the #promo-steem tag, such as interesting posts about Steemit, like Tutorials and meetups. Of course I will follow the Steem Ambassador guidelines and responsibilities, which you can find on and the community guidelines.

Why Im constantly promoting STEEM since 2016?

The cryptocurrency STEEM is one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies on the market in my opinion and it should be already at least in the top 10 on coinmarketcap. The reasons why I'm thinking so about Steem are various and I already wrote an detailed article about it. You can find my article about this topic here: Why I´m claiming that STEEM is the most promising cryptocurrency of the present & especially the future?! (Some of many facts!)

And why Steemit?

I'm constantly promoting the Steemit community because I had the vision of a social media platform which is paying their users for their time & content they are contributing to the website. I learned a lot about how values in the online market are getting created and the most important factor are the users, their time on the platform and their datas. But have you ever get paid for helping the big Social Media Platform becoming successful before Steemit and without advertising? ---

Steemit created a completely new and unique way to reward the users with the power of blockchain & cryptocurrency!

Even now after 2 years on Steemit many people are telling me that they have never heard something like this and almost everyone is amazed of the concept!

And not only the technology behind Steemit & Steem is a big reason why I love this community and why I'm always promoting it. The people behind this awesome Social-Media-Platform are a very big reason too.

They are so many different people from all over the world with different professions & skills working for the success of this platform and even the most just because of passion to create a unique social media blogging platform! Any programmer can develop Apps (Dapps) on the Steemit Blockchain because it´s open source and all Steem holders & investors are like share holders!

Here you can find some photos of and Selfies with Steemians I have met on the last two Steemfest events in real life:

📷 Selfies with and photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 1! ✌

📷 Selfies with and photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 2! ✌

📷 Selfies with and photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 3! ✌

📷 Selfies with and photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 4! ✌

📷 Selfies with and photos of Steemians at the Steemfest² in Lisbon - Part 5! ✌

Im happy about your feedbacks and I appreciate any support very much!

My goal for the future is to attract many more people to join this unique movement of the Steemit community and to teach about STEEM and Steemit. Im also planning to reach out to many more people all over the world by visiting different countries and to help people understanding the huge potential of this awesome opportunity with STEEM & Steemit.

Best regards from Berlin and Steem On everyone!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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PS: For further information on the Steem Ambassador program please follow @steem-ambassador, check the #promo-steem tag and visit founded by @starkerz and @stephenkendal and implemented by @anarcotech.


As I've done in the past for some ambassadors to be, I can completely vouch for @future24. He'd be a great add for the team and I'm pretty sure he'll give his best to promote the steem Blockchain.

Thank you very much for vouching for me @anomadsoul and see you on Steemfest³ again!

Who if not you?! Of course you'd be an amazing @steem-ambassador, no doubt about that.

Great application!! Go for it :-))

Btw: legendary poker night at Steemfest² I'll remember forever!

Wow, thank you for the amazing feedback Marlene @surfermarly and yes the poker night was really epic, I will never forget it too! 👏👍

You're more than welcome, totally deserved! :-) You'd be a great ambassador no doubt about that.

I have known @future24 for a long time, he has been an active Steemian for as long as I can remember. He is very active on social media so I think he will make a great ambassador.

Thank you for your amazing feedback @thecryptodrive, I appreciate it a lot!

I've personally met this guy and know how committed and loyal he is to our great blockchain. And now a role as a Steem ambassador? I think that's just perfect...

All the best with your application, buddy. :)

Thank you very much for your support in the past and present @ezzy and see you at Steemfest³ again!

Wow, a very long and informative post. I'm glad to support you in the future(24) as well.
Dream Big!

Very inspiring, thank you so much for your support bro and see you!!!
PS: Keep on Steeming, never give up. :D

I’m glad to meet you my dear friend!

I love to have you as Steem Ambassador!!

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Thank you very much @nathanmars!

You’re most welcome @future24!

By the way I like your steemit user name :)

Yeah cool that you like it @nathanmars! 👍😎

If you like, here you can read about why I have chosen this username too:

We came here at the same time two tears ago, I will not be in this race, so I give my 100% support to @future 24

Yes we know us from Steemit since the beginning and I appreciate your support very much @dumar022!

Keep on rocking Bro!

Thanks for the motivating comment and see you soon again here in Berlin bro!

Thank you for your feedback bro! 💪

Wooooahhh! Amazing application. Looking forward to see you on board @future24. You deserve to be a @steem-ambassador more than anyone else and I am sure the community will accept you with open hands. Cheers!

Thank you very much for this great feedback @hungryhustle!

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