💡 Why I have chosen the Steemit username "@future24"? #steemitnamechallenge

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Hi Steemians, I was nominated for the #steemitnamechallenge by @joythewanderer and of course Im accepting the challenge! ✊

Here you can find the article by @joythewanderer for this challenge: Where my username comes from.

Rules of the #steemitnamechallenge:

This are the rules of the challenge in case you are lucky enough to get nominated like me ^^:

  1. Tell us in a post how you chose the current Steemit username you have. The story behind it.

  2. Tell us your real name!

  3. If you could change your current username, which name would you choose and why? If you have a possible usernames list, mention it!

  4. Use the tag #steemitnamechallenge so that anyone who cares at all can track all the posts and check them out

  5. Nominate 5 unfortunate souls for this challenge

Ok no problem, let´s start to answer the questions!

My username @future24 is because Im this kind of person who is always in the future in my mind and Im always thinking about what will happen in the next years, 24/7! 😊

This is no irony, people who are knowing me since many years knows what Im talking about... 😉👍 Even when I was still in school I told my friends about becoming independent with the internet and a completely changing world. And I wasn´t dreaming, almost everything I told them at that time, already became reality! I didn´t only created my own reality and achieved my dream to work completely independent over the internet...

Really so many things I had in my visions in the last years became reality, even this kind of genius social media platform, initiated by @ned & others, was a vision in my head for over 6 years now and even if the time was not ready for the internet-market when I started to share a vision about a social media platform which is sharing the revenue amongst the users, a concept like Steemit came up - The next vision became reality! ✊ Thanks to all Steemit developers for creating this unbelievable platform and again to @ned for the awesome idea & founding Steemit (even if I also already told it to you personally...^^)!


Steemit is already changing the world, already helped many people to have a better life and Im sure that this is just the beginning! ✊

That´s why Im thinking @future24 is the perfect username for me and I wouldn´t change it, if I could do it. Let´s do all our best for a good future on the earth guys - The future is now (24 hours 😉)!

Im proud that I already helped many people to achieve their own goals too and Im loving it to support people on their way to their dreams. 👍

The last open question is my real name and as you may already know this is Jonas Ahrens. Here is a brandnew video I have just uploaded today where Im introducing myself on my Youtube channel too, where Im saying my real name, so that you can hear how it can be pronounced:

Finally I have to nominate 5 other Steemians for this challenge Im choosing: @joyandhappiness, @lex030, @jlufer, @cranium and @scan0017 - Have fun guys! 👍

Kind regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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Now we know. To the future. :-)

Yes, to the future! 😊👍🤘

And we wouldn't want you any other way Mr. @future24 The name suits its master 😉

Hey @misslasvegas! I hope you are well and thanks for your lovely feedback! Greetings from Germany and see you at Steemfest3! 👍✌

definitely see you there!

Thank you for appointing me for this wonderful competition. I'll need to get a little tight, but I'll take the part.

You are welcome @cranium and have a nice day!

I nominated you for this challenge 13 days ago because I was curious to know the history of your name, because it is quite curious and seemed to have nothing to do with your original name, I am happy to read the futuristic history that surrounds the name, the interesting thing now is to know more about your visions for the future, thank you for sharing with us the story.

Oh sorry @melvadg, I havent seen your nomination... 😑 Thanks for the great feedback and Greetings from Berlin!

@future24 - I get it now. I thought maybe it was age or lucky number.
24 hours = 1 day = today => future is now, so live it today.


Your life is so beautiful.

Thank you very much @asaduzzaman111 and all the best to you too! 👍

Thanks @azis.art 👍

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