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RE: Snails on Trails

Seen those big ones on the Eskom line in KZN many times Lady Joan.
Here's an interesting fact. On the apple farms here snails are a plague and we have seen piles of dead ones under the apple trees. The farmers spray and tie snail poisoned bands around the bottom trunks of the trees to prevent the snails from damaging the young fruits.
They are also a plague in the gardens here.


Snails and slugs to the gardener can be a headache, people refer to using 'beer traps', which is actually sugar and yeast that attracts them, some fall into the trap some escape to carry on.

I don't lay traps since birds and slug eating snakes do enjoy a snack, escargot meals on the move.

Hahaha, escargot meals on the move. Hilarious my friend.