Seen those big ones on the Eskom line in KZN many times Lady Joan.
Here's an interesting fact. On the apple farms here snails are a plague and we have seen piles of dead ones under the apple trees. The farmers spray and tie snail poisoned bands around the bottom trunks of the trees to prevent the snails from damaging the young fruits.
They are also a plague in the gardens here.

Snails and slugs to the gardener can be a headache, people refer to using 'beer traps', which is actually sugar and yeast that attracts them, some fall into the trap some escape to carry on.

I don't lay traps since birds and slug eating snakes do enjoy a snack, escargot meals on the move.

Hahaha, escargot meals on the move. Hilarious my friend.

Ughhh don’t know what to feel. Looks slimy and cute at the same time

Snails are graceful when moving around. Thanks for visiting!

hahahaha!! My mom used to chant that old saying to my brothers all the time hehehe!!!

As for the snails - they really are fascinating creatures. I remember studying them in school and was quite captivated! I just don't want them in my garden haha!

Ballerina's in the garden even though they chomp away where ever they go. To protect your leafy produce in the garden put sauces with beer in they tend to leave the leaves alone.

Oh really! I did not know that! Going to try that out, thanks Joan :)

Beautiful photograph of Snails.

Thanks, always appreciate your visit and seeing your photography.

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Thank you @theunion appreciated.

This is a great post about slugs and snails ^^ That giant African Snail for sure looks huge.. Never ever encountered such a big on in real life :)

Have seen more this year that we have in a long time, snails are so pretty to watch gliding over the ground. Slugs really just move around in undergrowth chomping away, this one was off the beaten track being on a wall.

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I love to see snails in the garden, but not snails. Slugs are too voracious and taste everything in their way.


As they move around they do devour a lot, also make soil healthy for growing in once they have moved on.

Unfortunately, they enjoy the salad in the garden the most.

They enjoy the salad in
The garden the most.

                 - bucipuci

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Good pictures...
Best regards!!!

What a cool and creative Wednesday Walk post :) I never knew there were so many species of Snails

Thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

Gliding around the garden we have had more this year after rains, amazing how they have adapted to life out of water.

I remember Back home as a kid being fascinated by them and how many would appear seemingly from no where after rain
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Don't know if I left my childhood, still fascinated by creepy crawlies. So long as the don't sting or bite I will be entertained by them.

Thanks for generosity of token gift.

MOst welcome and I to often say I am still a child at heart

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I've panicked since I was a child, I find them very slimy,

No touchy-feely here Carolina, maybe when I was young picking up snails on the beach to watch them squirt water out, never picked up land snails or slugs.

It's a huge snail! 😍 We have something like that here too but maybe not as big as yours.

It is interesting that you have different kinds of snails. I have never seen an elongated snail before. Thank you for sharing it with us. 😊

Have a pleasant day.

We have smaller ones that do tend to get into vegetables. Definitely always was vegetables properly before eating LOL...

Oh yes. Glad that we do not have snails in our garden! Hehehe! 😊

I have many of them in my garden))

Sometimes helpful, other times a menace, all there for a reason.

I am so gonna fins me a snail to capture with the macro hahahahaha
Happy friday love

Have a wonderful day, still a bit chilly up North for snails, have fun looking you never know where they are lurking next.