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I've been on Steemit for 9 months now and it so great!

For me its my job, no 9 to 5 job for me, nope my job is Steemit! And the only reason i call it a job is because i use it as apart of my personal income. Yet i feel like, its more of a passion/hobby project. To be able share what i love to others on Steemit. And improve myself whether that be my writing, grammar or story telling skills.


Steemit also motivates me to work on my other hobbies.

My Art (PhotoShop CC) and my music, that i am still preparing to post on steemit (coming soon). Or like i said earlier my writing and storytelling. Steemit is one of the most stable and steady growing crypto i have ever witnessed, even in times of bearish charts over the whole market, steemit still rocks it!


Steemit is unbelievable to my friends and family.

Multiple times i have described steemit to them and how it works and proof on me being payed out from steemit. And they still seems to puzzled and surprised them, that steemit can be that amazing! I think once steemit gets out of its beta state. I really think some amazing advertising and lots of it, and a easy sign up process. Steemit would have mass adoption and great explosion of decentralized freedom!


Have a great future and live life on!
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Yes, Steemit is awesome!

Cheers mate. You are all right! Steemit will rock the world, once they open their eyes...

I love your Steemit attitude! Steem on & prosper!

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I have been on steemit for roughly the same amount of time that you have and I couldn't agree more! There is so much potential on here not only to earn money but like you said develop out other skills. On average every one of my posts has writing, photos, gifs and a video forcing me to develop all of those skills, learn about new software and technology and understand where my weaknesses are.

Steemit is still in beta but the potential for it to change the way media and social media operator is undeniable. To the future!!!

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I feel just like you! I have been using Steemit for like 2 months now, and I think is really awesome, it's like a job that doesn't feel like a job hahaha Greetings!

Absolutely fantastic upbeat post my friend. You can feel the passion and enthusiasm oozing out !! Best wishes on your Steemit journey :-)


You too! Steemit on!

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I've only been on Steemit for about a week, but I love reading positive stories like yours. It really inspires me to try and create good content. I've been on Medium since Sept 2017 and have had some success there, but I feel like Steemit has the potential to be even bigger in the near future.


For sure man! Thanks for reading , means alot!

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Killing it! I look forward to making waves here soon too :p