A secret door spotted by two friends on the hill, the dangerous scene found inside

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Two friends in Russia have discovered dangerous tunnels used during World War II. Here, when these two friends came out to track in some mountains in Southern Russia, their supervisor fell on an old door. When they opened the door, they saw a tunnel in front of them. Both understood that this old-fashioned mine has a mine. It was so dilapidated that it could have collapsed anytime, but both of them went in at the risk of their lives and after which they had to face many horrifying scenes.

Inside were dangerous scenes

As both of them started going inside this old mine, they were faced with strange things. The mouth part of the tunnel was completely depleted and there was only a small space to go inside. Both knew that this cave could ever collapse. Although both of them succeeded in going inside. After that, what was found was very scary.

  • The water was filled with water on the way. There were also wet trains and a railway track. Both did not believe that all this is under the mountain. Both went further and saw that there was a different kind of chemical coming out from the walls. Both understood that this would be gold or any other metal cave, for which raw ore was extracted.
    Then found the mysterious door
  • After a few minutes away, both of them were seen in a roaring door. She was in front of a big room. And the water was filled with water. Both were far ahead. There was one more way nearby that did not have any glance at Torch Light. Then they experienced something different. They heard some voices, which caused them to panic and they decided to go there immediately.
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    There was something

  • Both friends took a lot of time by putting their life in this scary manger and taking many photographs of them. One of them said that he had something in the mine that was very frightening. It was something behind the door. There were different sounds from there. Another friend said that it can happen that the voices are due to air. Both told social media about their unique discovery. You are told that there are many mines in Russia that have been closed after World War II.

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