Fun way to prepare pancakes

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Are you a lover of pancakes? Then watch this and learn how to prepare delicious pancakes fast for hungry tummies using your frying pan!
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Wow this is amazing! Though I like my pancakes a little bit crisper and browned on both sides.

Sure depends on how long you allow it stay . Tks for the comment and support

Whaaaat? :D Haha, people are creative, people are awesome! Was it you, Etilda? Thanks for sharing and keep up, followed

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Thanks for the comment. I appreciate

That's cool. I like it. so quickly and efficiently. good post.

Thanks dear

Haha thats cool ! I will be back to upvote and resteem and comment , as well into @momskitchen post ! 👍👍👍😋😋😋


Haha Im back as promissed ! Thats Genious although they dont get browned on both sides , they would make great Crepes !! upped and resteemed !! 😋😋😋👍👍

Thanks mum. I was sure you did like this . Well for being brown, depends on how long you expose it on fire. Do you plan to try it out 😋 if such works for you I know dtube and dmania must keep anough upvote for the innovation 😎

Haha that's brilliant! I typically use two pans and just flip the pancakes within the pan. Next time I make Naleszniki I need to try this trick :p

Sure and keep me posted. If it works then u can also make ur own video vlog of it 😎

hehe sure thing ;)

This is lovely, thanks for sharing.

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