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I am hoping it is! I speak to @roelandp often to be fair and I think he is going to organize # 2!


That's great news :) I'm hoping too!

Yes, sorry to missed out this realtime thread. Getting home from Portugal. There will be a 2nd edition as far as I am concerned :) In october most probably! Working on some drafts atm.

Suggestion for the 2nd edition
Lisbon, Portugal hehe

Hold it in Portugal and come to Nazare to see epic waves!!

I was just in Alentejo for 3 weeks. Had a great chill time. Nazere is lovely too ! This is unrelated to SteemFest 2 location btw :)

I'm glad to hear this. Any hints on location?

earth :)

That sounds awesoome!

Portugal would be great for that, and in October is still warm ;)

I cast my vote for Portugal :)

It would be great but it seems we aren't that lucky...(this time!) ;)

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