Europe's Biggest ICO - A Quick Summary

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Bitpanda, currently the largest European crypto exchange, launched its token sale on 27.07.2019. With over 12 million euro collected so far, this is europe's largest ICO - and the first funding round has not even been completed.

In this post I'm going to give you all interesting facts about this insane ICO (which is actually an IEO) and make an estimation on possible gains (or losses) of the token.


Bitpanda launched it's ICO in 2019

Bitpanda - The current State

Bitpanda is europes leading fiat to crypto exchange. It's an austrian start-up founded in 2014, 100% legally compliant to the current european law. Since 2014 they managed to get far over 1 million users, with over 1 billion euros traded. So far a great success.

Future Plans

Bitpanda plans to launch a global exchange - aiming at "professional" traders. With this move Bitpanda tries to get traction worldwide and expand to many other countries outside the EU.
Similar to Binance they're also going to open a so called "launchpad" for other companies to make an IEO. This is a real great idea and - in my opinion - going to change the way many people invest and aquire capital.
There are also a few more things Bitpanda plans to launch, which you can read about here.

BEST - Bitpanda Ecosystem Token

Bitpanda is currently offering a token called BEST for sale. At the moment it is sold for 0.09€ (as of 14.07.2019), in the first round of their IEO. There is a total supply of 1 billion tokens, while 50% are offered for sale. The main benefit of holding BEST is that you can save up to 25% in trading fees. Also you'll get priority access to the upcoming launchpad and some other (less important) things. Start of public trading is on 07.08.2019. Bitpanda will burn 25% of the received transaction fees paid in BEST until 50% of the total supply is destroyed.

Maybe some of you already recognized the similarities between BEST and BNB (the Binance issued token). BNB was dropped in 2017 and has about the same functionalities as BEST. If BEST would perform in a similar way BNB did, we could expect it to be a great success. The Binance coin is currently traded at around 30 USD and was initially sold for 0.1 USD, so you could've made 300x your initial investment until today. Considering the relative weak users count on Binance when they launched BNB (around 150k), the Bitpanda IEO looks even more promising (over 1 million users).

But there are also some shortcomings in this comparison. Today Binance is much bigger than Bitpanda - maybe it will never reach that scale. Also the BEST supply is much higher compared to BNB (200m vs 1bn). Plus Binance already was a global exchange, while Bitpanda is only going to launch one.


The Bitpanda ICO is definitely one of the most promising ICOs for a very long time. There is huge potential for growth but also some risks. The Company behind this ICO has solid financials and may become a global player in crypto (and financial) markets. Of course nobody can see the future in advance, but this future looks promising.

What do you think, will this ICO be a great success or a desaster?

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This is no financial advice


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