Jeff talks altcoin, Jeff talks altcoins real good!

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Although not professional financial advice, these are my top picks for altcoin buys heading into February 2018. Many of these are long-term holds. However, I did mention some that have potential to go early stages. When looking at top altcoin buys consider market cap and price projections.

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I love your video's, I'm only recently on steemit because of you guys and I fell in love.
I'm in crypto for 4 months now, started with a small capital and I watched your videos but I didden't really invest in them because I started daytrading and wanted my capital to grow fast and luckily I succeeded.
Now I can say I'm in the position to invest and I do not invest because you say so but I use them as a guideline.
As for now I'm really liking dragonchain, vertcoin and utrust, thanks for the info and input guys and girl offcours



Hey "Blockchain J", that was Jeff & Team, great work. Glad you brought the Altcoin Army to Steemit. Would love to hear more on your thoughts of progression of Steem in a future video. Also love how salty Jeff & Steve can be, real people - real talk. Nice job!

Can you please do me a favor and look at this and maybe give me some feedback.
I would really be gratefull, thanks!!!

Where is the Army at? :)