I need to know what you guys think about arcblock!!!! Is it legit or a scam?????

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I love cryptocurrency and the idea of everything behind it but we need to look out for scams.
It's easy to lose your way and vision in all the profits that you could make and blindly listen to youtubers in the hopes that you could buy a lambo or a tesla in a few months. we need to realise and mature as investors especially the new ones!

Now back at the topic at hand Arcblock!

ArcBlock is a platform service to provide infrastructure to make decentralised applications easy. They do this by integrating the idea of cloud computing to the existing blockchain technologies. Not just restricting themselves with this, they aim at creating an open marketplace for developers.


I got to admit that I really like them and love their plans and everything about them.
If this is a legit project it has amazing potential and as an ico it would be a great opportunity,
I included the website above and will include a video of suppoman beneath here
he recaps it really nice and I now not everybody likes him but he explains it quite well so here it is?


Now about the concerns I have.
first things first you can't just watch a youtuber and a website and invest, you need to look further than that because you never know.
so as I do with every coin I would invest in I take a better look at their website and everything they say and try to check it by looking it up, besides this I look on the internet if I can find some dirt.
sadly to say I find some dirt with have me concerned!!
Now I know you can't believe everything you read on the internet but here is a link to a reddit page of someone with legitimate concerns and questions and someone who claims to be the ceo of arcblock answerd.
but still there a lot of red flags.


I would recommend reading this document because it shows a lot of concerns !!


In the beginning I was eager to get involved because I really like everything about it but I can't overlook all the concerns and scam-alerts.
now after reading everything, what do you think about it!
can you bring some input about arcblocks?
I still need it.
is it a scam or is it real!

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I am in the same situation. Have you find out? The idea seems great on paper. Two things concerned me. The team, it does not look strong or active. Also, the mass adaptation of the product.

still don't know but I'm going to take a risk a go with it