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Good day Steemians

I am currently accumulating ETHEREUM at the current levels.


Price is at the 61.8 Fibonacci level. I am waiting for a bullish confirmation at the current level to add to my position.

With the upcoming Bitcoin fork I believe that Ethereum will rise in price as people move their money to Ethereum till after the fork. Now is the perfect time and price to accumulate Ethereum.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Happy Trading/Investing


Man, this is the perfect time to get in. I'm really short on cash, so I can't do anything but watch others accumulate. In short, I'm jealous.

There will always be opportunities in future. Please just don't sell anything. Failure is not an option for me and I never sell a position if it is not in positive territory. Cryptos is still in its infancy stage so if you wait it out, your investments will pay off. Everyone wants a beach house somewhere.

Happy trading/investing

Do you not think LTC is the much safer bet till august 1st?

Litecoin is great. I've also invested in it, but I try to anticipate what the majority of people will do. Mass Psychology. I think that people will move money to Ethereum till after the fork and then convert back to BTC when it is at a low. One needs to look at the charts to try and pre-determine the possible low levels.

I do however think that Litecoin might reach $100 not in the too distant future.

Everything is just speculation, therefor I try to anticipate what the masses will do.


That is my point though. People will move to LTC not ETH. With the LTC news on august first it makes alot more sense.

I think there might be a split between Litecoin and Ethereum. Just my opinion.

Sure all we have is our opinion :)

Remember that your opinion is always worth something. Happy trading.