SuperBloom : Automatically Earn Token Airdrops

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Super Bloom

automated crypto investing.

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SuperBloom is a decentralized investment platform that lets users easily, and automatically, invest in new token sales. Launched by a group of ex Y-Combinator, Silicon Valley residing engineers, SuperBloom has a strong team and connections that pack some serious punch.

Currently in their ICO stage, SuperBloom is looking to acquire more users, offering a hefty airdrop of
50 SEED ($5 USD).

Get 50 SEED Here

By becoming a member of SuperBloom

you automatically get access to private presale tokens, get insider access to our token report, and earn free airdrops from tokens that are listed on the platform. All you have to do is hold SEED and you will automatically earn free, airdropped tokens for every new token listed.

Start Earning Airdrops Automatically

What Is SuperBloom

Launched in 2017, SuperBloom is disrupting the competitive Digital Exchange space. Instead of charging fees when tokens are listed on their platform, SuperBloom requires a portion of tokens be airdropped to it’s member base. This lets users to earn a variety of airdrops automatically just by holding SEED (superblooms token).

How Does It Work

Anyone can list a token on the SuperBloom platform. Instead of paying fee’s for listing or # of tokens sold, a % of all tokens dispersed will automatically dispersed to member of teh SuperBloom network that are holding SEED at the time. This let’s individuals create and launch tokens with no upfront cost, decreasing the barrier to entry and bringing more teams and ideas into the market.


Our Thoughts

SuperBloom is a really cool platform! Unfortunately, it’s not open to US customers (hmm, I wonder how strict they are …) but otherwise is a really awesome concept. They don’t say much about how strict they are with token requirements but hopefully they do not censor any concepts! I will definitely be investing and am stoked to let the tokens start to pile up

The Team

SuperBloom has a strong team filled with ex Y-combinator engineers and other highly skilled individuals. Launched in 2017 by Emmie Chang, Lydia Fayal and Alvin Wang, the SuperBloom team hosts an impressive set of accomplishments and is being advised by Jed McCaleb, the founder of Stellar. An impressive list of team members to say the least.

Emmie Chang.png


SuperBloom has a set an agressive Roadmap, and has a LOT to do to stay on schedule. Succesfully going live in Q2 of 2018, they are now focused on growing their platform (Q3) and securing the licensing to go live in the United States (Q4). The team claims they will be fully live starting in Q1 of 2019, allowing users to launch tokens, and owners to start earning airdropped tokens. We will have to wait and see if they can accomplish their goals.


SuperBloom is another great ICO that is offering more and more value to the crypto space. Airdropped tokens were all the rage of 2017 with ERC-20 fever driving the market mad. Now you can earn all of those valuable airdrops, without doing a thing! When you buy and hold SEED, the ERC-20 token of the SuperBloom network, you can automatically earn tokens as they are listed on the exchange! Rather than charging fee’s for listing your Token, SuperBloom requires that you make a % of tokens available to be distributed to the members of their network. A great idea if you ask me! I have already signed up for the SuperBloom network, and you should to!

Get 50 Free SEED Here!

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I am been participating in this airdrop. I think is a platform with a huge potential

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I participated when it was 500 seeds, now looks like 50 seeds

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lol @ me ... where did you find out about this airdrop? / what resources do you use to learn about airdrops in general?


Will get home and let you know. Twitter updates. If you want to become part of the beta version blockchain search engine,

the new google😊😊 😊

you can use my link, so I get 25 and you 25 tokens, later on you can invite by yourself and get same amount of tokens. FYI the token is already exchangeable:
Here is the link:

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