Pool Mining Coin Magi XMG after the Hard Fork review

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Hello after the test are done and the mining start it took some time to be able to mine.

Reminder for all: blocks before 1606950 will be orphaned. 
Blocks after 1606950 will give rewards. 
It will give exchanges time to update &  make the network stronger!

Windows mining

The only miner that I manage to make it running on my Win10 Os 64 bit it's https://sourceforge.net/projects/cpuminer/files/
It's better after you download and unzip the file's in the same directory make a .bat file named minerd and add this line to it minerd -o stratum+tcp://mining.xpoolx.com:4000 -u user.worker -p pass -t threads# -t stands for nr of you threads according to your cpu cores also change the user the worker name and the password according to the one that you set it on you xpoolx account .

But even with this one on my win i get only boo's :smile: on my windows 10 its the same with all the pools :smile:

Ass you may know I mine using Raspberry Pi3 and I made some How To set up and start to mine. Now it's time to tell you from my testings witch its the best pool after I test some pools (the water was warm).
So I decide to test the pools with my Pi's

Unix Mining

I tested 3 pools and i remained using the XpoolX witch you can find it here

Using the miner that I set it up here I managed to run all my 8 Pi's with no err using this line
./m-minerd -a m7mhash -o stratum+tcp://mining.xpoolx.com:4000 -u user.worker -p pass
Do not forget that you have to be in the specific directory where is's your miner installed

Happy Mining

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using this pool to mine http://pool.mineproject.ru and it has been paying out every 3 hours

Maybe you mine Other Coin but the payouts are O for XMG until the HardFork that it will be 2900 blocks from now.

I will probably see it first, how the future

none of them would have guessed bitcoin prices right now

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