The Alphabet Art Challenge - 'B' is for Boozy Babe

in alphabetartchallenge •  11 months ago

I thought about drawing a butterfly...

...or butter... or beer... or just "BOOZE" in bubble letters. It was nice to sit with my morning coffee and sketch book but I haven't gotten any further than the pencil sketch. WHY? Because I'm afraid putting marker or paint to it might actually ruin it.

'B' is for Boozy Babe

This is Day 2 of the #alphabetartchallenge prompted by @tonyr. Only day 2. Thank goodness I'm still having fun but as mentioned earlier, I'm afraid to do anything else with this sketch. I kind of like it the way it is.

Okay... I admit to being a newb with the art stuff so my confidence is low when it comes to adding color or any kind of permanence to Boozy Babe.

#alphabetartchallenge B is for Boozy Babe by Meredith Loughran @merej99 #steemit

Go for color or leave it alone?

I don't know. What do you think?

The Rules of the Challenge

  • Create an original work every day for 26 days.
  • Each day begins with the letter of the alphabet. ie. Day 1 - letter A; Day 2 - letter B, Day 3 - letter C, etc.
  • All forms of artistic expression is welcome. This includes traditional and digital art, short stories, doodles, photography, songwriting, poetry, or any other kind of creativity you can come up with.
  • IF YOU MISS A DAY START FROM THE BEGINNING. <<how's that for motivation?

Don't forget to use hashtag #alphabetartchallenge in your post so we can find your work.

#alphabetartchallenge B is for Boozy Babe by Meredith Loughran @merej99 #steemit
Gak! I can't seem to get her hand just right. Something's funky with her pointer and ring finger.

Meredith Loughran blogs on @merej99

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It's all about confidence, and you just crushed it! Not everyone would be a Picasso, but I think what sets great art apart is the heart behind it. And Mere, I know you have tons of it. Great work here! I saw the colored one in the other comment, and I have to say that it's even better!

The proportions are good and the lines are well done. You should be proud of the work you did! :)

beautiful work dear friend @ merej99, you are very professional, the challenge is a real commitment are 26 days.
excellent work, thank you very much for sharing your talent
I wish you a beautiful weekend


Thank you my friend @jlufer!
Did you see the apple from yesterday? I think your granddaughter would love to color it.
Have a blessed weekend :)

Cute! You seem to have a natural knack for drawing. I'd like to see what you would do with some color!


After I posted this I was like "FEK IT" and added color. lol
One of these days I may take some art classes but I'd probably take woodworking or pottery first. I love working with my hands.



oooooo bedazzled!


Yes! I was going to say give the lady some color. It's funny how something made by our own hands can be intimidating. I'm not a parent yet, maybe that's what having children is like?!

I know the options you asked where colo it or leave it alone but this may be weird coming from someone who can’t even draw a straight line but how about option 3 add some shading

Ps love your sketch


I have different pencils too but haven't had the opportunity to practice shading much. It's a great idea though. I love keeping it black and white...and shades of gray. I'm definitely going to experiment.


of course only if that interests you not sure why I even suggested it when I cannot Even draw lol

Just keep enjoying your art

That's really good for being new to drawing. That's a bright green drink...Absinthe? Maybe just Mountain Dew. lol.I took a bunch of art classes ages ago and pottery is the funnest. It's easier to mold something with your hands than to draw in many ways. I look forward to seeing C.


I was thinking apple-tini but I'd have to look at the bartender's guide for the 20s. I don't think that drink existed. Hmm... What else is green? Creme de Menthe, Midori... It's been a really long time since my bartending days.

It's Veronica again!! I haven't seen her in years. Here's lookin' at you kid.


It's been a while since she showed up though I doubt they had apple-tinis in the Roaring 20s. I guess it'll have to be a grasshopper. :)


hmmmm....she's a sneaky one that girl. Maybe she's a time traveller......? Could be.

I like it, like one of those flapper girls in the early 1900s. I say ink it in like your did the other one, maybe adding the random patterns to the headband and drink to make it your 'style' of this challenge -- color is optional.

..I see the color in the comments after I posted lol that came out really nice.

~ Looks like we're getting "have to wear socks" season tomorrow. 😉


I've been in socks and a sweater all day! And the low is supposed to hit 30? WUT??? I didn't sign on for cold weather. Nope. Nope. Nope. LOL

You guessed correctly, she is a flapper it so it couldn't've been too bad. :)

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Nice drawing! upvoted and followed :) Maybe you'd like to participate in an art contest with a cash prize. Would love if you joined!

It's a wonderful job, you've nicely baked your pants from the cup, And I saw that you have added color to this drawing you, thank very well posted.