All About Sunset Contest WINNERS! Week 4 - BOAT

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The #AllAboutSunset Contest Week 4 is officially closed.

I am overwhelmed by the overflowing support for the 4th week of the contest. I cannot believe that the entries would be breathtakingly beautiful beyond words! This week is the most difficult week to judge so far, that I wish I could award all the entries.

Thank you so, so much for all of us for making this round of the contest a success!

And so, here are the winners:

Marvel with @avon.grace as she watch the glorious Sunset in Canigao

Walk with @jayclar30 in South Port Yacht Club to in his entry: All About Sunset Contest - Week 4 - Boat

Be in awe by the sunset At Abu Dhabi Marina by @abdoon

Admire the picturesque Sunset at Valdez Beach with a touch of flying birds by @unataldani

Enjoy the Orange Sunset by @jlgc

Appreciate the beauty of sunset with love with @hangin in Fishing Boat Sunset

Gaze the sunset with wonder as @mirfaner take a photo of the Small Boat of Fisherman in Lhokseumawe City Reservoir

Take pleasure in the beautiful, romantic color of sunset in Koh Mook Island 

Be delighted with @chaidir082 in his entry for All About Sunset Contest - Week 4- Boat

Be stunned by the exquisite, colorful skies by @ninahaskin in her "Two if by Sea"


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS with your shared prize pool of 5 SBD!

Prizes will be sent within 24 hours.

There has been so many, many beautiful entries, but sadly, others didn't follow the rules. There's an entry that I personally love, but apparently forgot to resteem this post, so I need to disqualify, and it broke my heart. Please, please read the rules, with its theme, and follow it the next time you join the contest. The THEME is equally important, so please consider the theme before you submit an entry.  

Thank you so, so much for making this round a success!

Hope to see you all next week with the new theme.  Please stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of the new theme. Thank you and have a great day ahead!  

Truly yours,


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wow solovely and beautiful photos thanks for sharing!

bakit wala ung sakin? haha

Hahaha! Mag-submit ka kasi!!! 😂😂😂😂

hahaha mapapahiya lang ako

Ang daming magagandang entries.. kaya cguro wala rin yung sakin. 😂

Hahaha! Oo nga, ang hirap-hirap pumili!!! Tsk, tsk! 😓

Thank you ha pagsubmit hin entry. Damu hinduro an mag-opay, as in!

Wow, I knew it would be a difficult choice! All the photos were really beautiful. I want to thank once again, it is a joy to be chosen again. Thank you very much for making this possible, blessings for you @gingbabida <3

Thank you. Yours is a very beautiful entry! It was a postcard-perfect shot! 😍😍

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I loved all the entries above @gingbabida.

Thank you Sir @exploretraveler. They are all marvelously beautiful! 😍

Thank you so much

Thank you for participating too. Yours was a very stunning entry. Hope to see you again at the next round. 😊

Thank you so much!

Welcome! Mahusay-husayan hinduro an im entry! 😍😍

Thank you so much @gingbabida the quality of the contest is certainly getting better , looking forward to your next theme :)

Thank you for always participating one of the best sunset everytime! 😉

Thank you Ging for your kind words :)

  ·  last year (edited)

yeay, congrats for all the winner, and specially for my sensei Mr. @chaidir082 congrays for you.

Oh! Congratulations to the both of you who both are one of the best shots!!! Hope to see you in the next round! 😊

I'll join with it (next theme all about sunset contest) 😊
see you soon friend,
and have a good day for you 😊

Regards, @mirfaner

Thank you so much!
Honored to have my photo selected along with
these incredible boat sunsets winners! @gingbabida #allaboutsunset is such a fun contest!
My favorites this round were entries by
@hangin & @jayclar30

Yes, each one has a unique beauty of its own. 😍 Thank you for joining.

So nice to be in the winning list thank you so much @gingbabida and congrats to all other winners !!

Thank you also for participating in this round, with a stunning entry! 😊 Hope to see you in the next round.

Thank you and you will see me in your next theme have a great day !!

Thank you so much Ging for selecting mine, so many gorgeous entries, I don't envy you. I really love @unataldani's and @hangin's, stunning!!! Congratulations to everyone else : )

Yes, theirs are stunning entries, as yours too! 😊 Congratulations! Hope to see you in the next round! 😉

Thank you, yes of course!! If I can : )

How i wish I can join the contest soon.

Everyone is welcome to join po. 😊

Everyone is welcome to participate po. 😊

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you @gade. Hope to see you in the next round. 😊