What lights the joy in your heart?

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A large part of my writing practice (thanks to Steemit), is reframing questionable or negative experiences in a positive light. This means I am constantly searching for happiness, even from within darkness. Some would say this is optimism. Perhaps that's an accurate word. Regardless of label, it has not come naturally to me.

Project Positivity seeks to reinforce purposeful, positive thinking through the creation of purposeful, positive art.

If you haven't read about it yet, please do so here. I am delighted to be able to aid in showcasing the incredible talent here on Steemit while contributing to global positivity, one post at a time.

I'm not saying sing "Kumbaya", but maybe I am?

Project Positivity is off to a rousing start. We have been sharing and upvoting 2-4 links daily. Yesterday was announced this week's positivity challenge: What makes you happy?

Dessert makes me happy.

I am excited that this week's is about ALL types of artistic expression. Nonfiction, poetry, fiction, drawing, painting, video, music . . . Share an expression of happiness in any category and we will read and repost our top picks each day!

But the truth is it's far easier to be negative than positive. So how do we find happy corners and silver linings.

Frowning? Don't force it. Do a handstand.

If you are struggling to discover the joy, consider one of these three actions:

    1. Close your eyes. Focus on your favorite color. What does it remind you of?
    1. What is your favorite book? Reflect on why you enjoy(ed) reading it.
    1. Look up "cats" on YouTube.

Okay, okay. Not everyone is a cat person. Look up "laughing babies" or Angelina Jolie in Hackers. The point is, choose a visual that fires your heart and go for it.

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I love this! As a public speaker, I go around reminding people that while you can't always choose your circumstances, you can always choose your response! Thanks for being a person of joy, it's people like you who make the world a brighter place!


What a great thing to remember!

@perspective -positivity challenge?
I don't chase happiness, I guess am usually happy because I'm just content and thankful to be able to wake up each morning and get to do what I love doing. The only time I feel down is when I don't get to do something I really want. What is there not to be happy about? I can only think of everything to be grateful for - the air we breathe, the sun shining above, there's food to eat - there's peace where I am on this side of the earth.
But great article - encouraging to those who maybe - are not.


Use the tag positivity to find Project Positivity/ @positivity. I'd love for you to join!

I need to remember the things that make me happy everytime I feel negative about something. Thanks for the advice


I hope it helps!