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RE: How I discovered my neighbour was an alien from outer-space

in #aliens5 years ago

That moment when you are not sure if they are north koreans or aliens...

Sorry, I thought about this, I did not wanted to say it because I would look like a horrible person, but I couldn't resist :)))

It is possible that it was a hidden research center, but who knows for sure? It is really strange to read this story, but how did you had the courage to go inside that house? I would have been terrified, especially to go inside the elevator and press a random button. Or maybe north koreans are aliens for real :))


assuming North Koreans have a more advanced technology than the west, is just poor thinking...

I just hope they are not monitoring me on steemit. Otherwise they may send a billion volts down the blockchain right into my fingers to kill me for revealing their secret location. I don’t care. aliens secret hiding places must be outed. so here goes.....

The secret hiding location of these aliens is AAAAAAAAaaaaaarrrggghhhhhh....
AAAAAAAAaaaaaaarrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh





You are funny, and your post generated so much traffic that it should not mater if the story is true or you just thought about it. But just for the record, is it real?

I assure this really happened, at least up to the point where I got in the lift. After that it all goes a bit hazy. Must have been the 15 beers I drank to build up the courage to go in there.

Okay, this explains how you got the courage to go inside the creepy house :))

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