🎥 Let's Talk About Aliens | @cryptospa & @behelen

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Hello dear Steemians, Dtubers and members of DCooperation!

Let's Talk About Aliens!

In this #video I talked with @behelen about #Aliens and extraterrestrial life.

Enjoy watching the #video!

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Thank you for this interview, @cryptospa!
I'm sure there are aliens somewhere. Maybe not like us, but somewhere there must be intelligent life, because the universe is huge!
To be honest, I would like to meet with aliens, but not one-on-one, but as part of a contact group, for example.

I will watch this video later, but IMO we the humans have many aliens' elements in us, and if not the case I seriously doubt, then at least there are already Aliens here, that most likely have been always with us. For example how can we explain all myths from different corners of the world. Who actually were all this mythological Gods?

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@yanipetkov, maybe all these gods were our ancestors? And they came to Earth from other planets. There is such version.
But all this doesn't have sufficient evidence, so it can neither deny nor agree with this unequivocally.

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Well said, but in matter of fact, we are getting more and more evidence that the ancient Gods were actually aliens interacting with the humankind

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@behelen, thank you for participating in the interview! It was really interesting to hear your point of view about the aliens.
Yeah, I also believe that Aliens exist. I am almost 100% sure.

You said:

To be honest, I would like to meet with aliens, but not one-on-one, but as part of a contact group, for example.

What about if these Aliens want to meet just with you one-to-one? If the invite you to meet you personally, will you turn down their offer?

If I was elected representative of the earthlings, I would agree.
In other cases, don't know, depends on the details of the situation.

Oh their out there... Some of them are our own governments, some are ours...... I just believe lately, It's the world governments. #snappluscomment

@prettynicevideo, thank you for stopping by! Btw, I would like to invite you to make an interview with you about the Aliens as well.

Sure, hit me up on my discord. We can talk time, etc... #snappluscomment

@cryptospa, You arranged glorious conversation about aliens. You and @behelen both you're like scientists Lol. I believe aliens already from heard NASA news and they alive another planet. But I haven't idea where they alive?

@madushanka, I am glad that you liked our discussion about Aliens. I also have no idea where Aliens may live. But, I think in our Solar system may exist some kind of extraterrestrial life.

It is possible that even in the Solar system there is life other than us. But it is not exactly the same as us. And most likely, not intelligent life, but some microorganisms.

@behelen, yeah! I also think there is some kind of life in our Solar system, but it could be just some kind of microorganisms.

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Yes! Lol such a fan of the questions unknown 👍 great discussion.

It would be ignorant of us to think that in all the infinite possibilities of our universe sentient life has not evolved more than once.

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@d00k13, let me include you in one of my next interviews about Aliens?

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I’m honoured, have yet to do an interview as time is a crunch for me scheduling anything is a major challenge! It would be a hoot though 👍

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I believe in aliens. I think more that aliens create us, not god, I don't believe in God

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Wow! Interesting!

@emsonic, yeah, there is such kind of theory, that life on Earth is created by Aliens.

@emsonic, to be correct is not a single God, but many Gods that created us. And who are the Gods, IMO Aliens. So Aliens( Gods) created us :)

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Maybe this is right

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@partiko, thank you!

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