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My hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico is nothing if not varied. With a mix of cultures, geographical features, and traditions, it’s no shock that a town so diverse would have a litany of nicknames.

In 1706 the city was originally named “Alburqueque” after a Spanish Duke. The additional “r” was eventually dropped from its name, but the original name still lingers in memory in the popular nickname “Burque”. Citizens of Burque are often referred to as “burquenos y burquenas”.

The 505
Because Albuquerque, along with other parts of New Mexico, holds the area code 505, this nickname inevitably stuck.

The Q
This one, thankfully, didn’t really take. Less of a nickname and more of a marketing strategy. The former mayor, Marty Chavez, really pushed the name “The Q” to rebrand dangerous, gang-inundated Albuquerque as an upscale, classy place.

Duke City
Another reference to the Duke of Alburquerque that the city originally named for, Albuquerque is sometimes referred to as Duke City. The minor league baseball team was once called “The Dukes” in honor of the eponymous duke of lore.

The Duke of Alburquerque, Don
Francisco Fernández de la Cueva:

image via wikipedia

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Lots of nick names . That might be nit known by lot of people.

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