7-Day Music Challenge: MAYTE - The Rhythm of your Heart - Music Video

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mayte cropped.png

Shine like the sun,
Dance like the rain
Sing like an angel,
Know no shame
Try 2 stay happy on the darkest day
The rhythm of your heart is saying:
"Keep on!"

Listen to the Rhythm of your Heart

Listen 2 the rhythm of your heart
Listen, listen
Listen 2 the rhythm of your heart {x2}

Every city's got one,
a kid that don't fit in...

Nobody'll listen 2 a rebel without a friend
When the world misunderstands U, instead of sayin' 10-4
The rhythm of your heart is saying don't give up before U..

Shine like the sun, dance like the rain
Sing like an angel, know no shame
Try 2 stay happy on the darkest day
The rhythm of your heart is saying "Keep on!"

Evil thoughts run crazy when joy is not around
How can U be happy when U're feelin' down?
U got 2 find out who U are, U gotta be able 2 say
Your own name with power and pride, then U can win at any game
U got 2..


Maybe one day I'll be one of the famous
Then maybe on that day I'll be one of the crowd
But until then I'll just keep on
Dancin' 2 the rhythm of my heart, I believe in me
Therefore I'm p-r-o-u-d, proud!

CHORUS (Party! {x6})

Venga conmigo mi gente {Come with me my people}
(Yes, we can)
Vamos a reirnos para el amor {Let's laugh 4 love}
El poder del amor {The power of love}
Y la diversion esta aqui ahora {And joy is here now}
Si vienen para gozar {If U come 2 enjoy}
Pues dejenme oirles gritar! {Then let me hear U scream!}

Keep on, keep on, keep on y'all

Listen 2 the rhythm of your

Today, this is my favorite song by Mayte (Prince) and my favorite single from this album.


So much great fresh timeless music here.
It was 100 years before it's time in some ways?

Prince wrote this song for his wife, Mayte.

On this note, I challenge ANYONE to publish their fav song of the eve, and
talk about what album it's from, if any.

UPDATE: Original challenge can be found here:


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A great clip and a beautiful song, my friend and this positive text makes us move forward and continue! Thank you @surfyogi


My pleasure, and I must say, thanks to @luciannagy for this challenge!
See my update for the original challenge link.

I'm one of those fans that will always miss the Fix Me/Masterpiece Theatre pop punk sound, but I must say, they've done such a great job taking every genre they've tackled and making it their own. I hope the album keeps this electronic 80's vibe! Can't wait to cry and dance.


Cry and Dance, that's pretty much what I do too.. just so fun.

Oh Man whatta classy choice , such an awesome song with meaningful lyrics and superb flawless composition. The Chorus is giving the goosebumps to me,

Shine like the sun, dance like the rain
Sing like an angel, know no shame
Try 2 stay happy on the darkest day
The rhythm of your heart is saying "Keep on!

Thanks lot @surfyogi


I have dreams about this song, in the day and when I sleep.
Can't get it out of my head ;-)


It is a psychological phenomenon that man likes to listen the song he loves the most. Same goes with me and this song is gonna hit the most favorite line of my songs' choice. Thanks for this awesome choice Surfy <3

Woot...woot....I gonna dance with Rhythm of your heart.* Fabulous lyrics, melody indeed. Feel gonna seem dance and my boy expressions move around with those ladies :D

Hmm i love this song

i think this will be best for a nice wonderful birthday wish, thank God it was been posted before the main day.... i know the memories of your eve is still fresh in you (smile)

Amazing music video. The beautiful song has already won my heart💟....Thanks sir @surfyogi for always sharing beautiful songs with us.


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Wow. Speechless music video.
The video is absolutely fantastic.
The music is love too, perfectly suited for me man.
And I think that I'm in love .

I literally sang along with this.
Very nice @surfyogi

As always, you've got a good taste in music even if it's oldies... For the challenge, I don't really understand what we're to do. Please clarify


Wow just @wonderful song :):)


enjoyed it completely one more great track to listen to enjoying this weekend :D

The rhythm and melody in the music gives us strong emotions that overlap with nature. consistency, trust, balance, aesthetics, harmony. Dealing with music or listening to music is restful for this. And everything in life is like a music. Sharing about such art makes me happy.


"Sharing about such art makes me happy."
Me too!

Really a amazing consept.
I wanna also do it.

You are like thats man sir @surfyogi. Thanks for sharing.

Omg. Just yesterday I finished another #albumchallenge. If I knew you would participate I would have nominated you @surfyogi
Now that I know you like challenges you will be the first on the list!
Have a great day!

wow,really very talented clip song you selecting today.you are very inteligent man.because always sharing best song with good singer.i am alltime got alots of new idea about music to read your post.. i like your music video and enjoyed very much..thanks to sharing for your excellent creativity post.. my dear friend @surfyogi very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.this song really my heart touching..may god bless you..

Really awesome lyrics, amazing music video and more enjoyable too, nice your selection, loved this. All the best thanks to share lovely music video.

This is a song that I love so much. I usually listen to it as Marianas Trench cover. I was happy when I saw the post. Thanks for sharing @surfyogi


Sound Great!

Very tight and clean. Creative. Great lyrics.
I wish it was a real live video ;-)

I hate this guy, he's got a stellar voice...

Beautiful. Wow!! Mayte you go girl and we hear Prince in the background n she has that beautiful rock on her finger. N yes she has more talent then those other dancers he had.🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷💜💜💜💜🎵🎵🎵

Damn! Amazing like usual. I am going to need to figure out how I am going finish working on this song if I always have your music on repeat! ☺️💙👍💕🌟

@surfyogi i loves listening song very much. i hope you will be enjoying too .


There is something really special about this one! I can’t imagine all the work you must have put into it. As another musician, I can say that your songs touch something that most don’t these days. Keep up the fantastic work! 💚💚

Never heard this song, but it is kind of good.

so exciting & enjoyful music
I like it dear..

i love the style of music but the message, music videos, and even lyrics are unfortunately very cliche most of the time. i'd love to see them improve their lyrics and make them more original. i don't mean this in a way to take them down but in fact a way to make them even better than their potential already is.

such a great music... awesome... thanks for sharing this album. And the album challange seems to be very interesting 😎

According to the Wikipedia for entry 'The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond' (the song) " "Rhythm of My Heart" is a rock song written by Marc Jordan and John Capek for Rod Stewart's 1991 album Vagabond Heart. The melody is an adaptation of "Loch Lomond". The meter, stanzas and lyrics are also based on the poem, a nod to Stewart's own Scottish heritage.


Right, it's easy to imagine there are many songs with this title, or very similar.
This is written by PRINCE for Mayte, his wife. Child of the Sun was the album name.

awesome song dear sir, always giving something for this community. Thanks dear.

It's music time..
enjoy everything.
keep your mind in a sound state.

I love your music each time... You know why??? The melody and lyrics reads meanings.

Keep this up Sir... You're good at it.

I really love what you do boss