Smoking Sun in Alaska

in #alaska2 years ago

Alaska is on fire, we have 122 the last I checked. We have three close by, two that are still active.
Yesterday I attempted to berry pick at the same place as last year but I could only pick for 20 mins before the smoke made me stop. My lungs hurt today from it. So instead of picking berries we went on a mini adventure. But the smoke was unrelenting. So I couldn’t get out of the car that often to take it all in.
I got a few shots though.

with @alaskatactical taking pictures

Here are photos from his view:


Here are a few he took for me ♥️


We went as far as we could down the road until a creek reclaimed it. The Prius couldn’t cross it.


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Wow I can't believe how often wild-fires occur.
Hopefully the smoke clears soon, instead of filling of your lungs for that terrible smoke.

We need rain, the rain will help with the fires and smoke. The wind/breezes just push it around and don’t get rid of it.
We had a lightning storm and have another fire, this one caused mass evacuations too.

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