Alaska is on FIRE 🔥 But life must go on

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Fires close to home, high temps and homestead life continues on.

We had a fire scare over the fourth of July weekend. A 250+ acre fire broke out to close for comfort.
I don’t own a plane so here is the source of photo

So I got bags packed and animal cages ready for bugging out.

@alaskatactical went to town to check it out, he is ex forestry. He use to cut fire line, mop up and hotshots. So he knows a bit about how to prep for fire and how to read a fire.

We are fortunate that the winds stayed relatively small. It hasn't grown much, also the crews that have been working on this fire have been working their ass off.

They have been working in some extreme heat!
For the past three weeks we have been in the upper 80s to 90s.

All while this is going on, life on the homestead is still going on.

I have duckling hatching.

Then we had a chicken start to hatch chicks!!

We celebrated a birthday

My garden is still growing good and strong.
The corn is waist high on me, I’m 5’8”

Picked a peck of peas

The entire state is sold out on pools, AC units and fans. So I duck taped the small holes that are on the kiddie pool we had and gave it to the piggies.

We have been tending to a blueberry patch we have on our land. It’s a small patch, but we got a few blues.

Well that’s pretty much it’s thats been going on. We are trying to keep cool the best we can, but man, we are not use to the weather. We have gone from -35°F to +94°F. Man this sucks! I would be good if it would just be 75°F MAX! We haven’t had rain in a very long time. I am worried about my wild berries.
I have been massively dehydrated, dizzy spells, head aches the whole nine yards.

Hope you all are keeping cool this summer.


It's a hell of a fire season so far this year, big fires in Canada also.
Your corn is doing really well this year, it must like the long daylight hours and the heat.

Yeah it’s pretty bad! Haven’t heard about the ones in Canada.
I am very excited about my corn. I have never grown corn before

And we have another. #451

Level Three Evacuation, estimated at 10 acres.
Started about an hour ago, three hours after my blog post.

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Sounds like crazy stuff going on there! I hope they get it under control and you all stay safe. You don't imagine that what is usually such a cold state would having to be dealing with fires.

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Let alone the heat! The heat is what is getting to everyone. We normally get to the mid 70s low 80s. This whole 90°+ weather is just sucksville! Most Alaskans don’t have AC, why would we need it when fans take care of the heat normally.
We have people in the lower 48 say “well who’s fault is it you don’t have AC/central air”, that’s like telling people in Hawaii “why don’t they have heaters” when their temp drops to 30°.

I'm from the UK and AC there is rare enough. There are few enough years where you'd even use it. Here in South Australia you wouldn't be without it! Let's hope this is a one off for you and not about to become a regular occurrence.

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Yeah I really hope this doesn’t turn into a regular summer time occurrence.

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